Big Stretch explains the difference in being “Kut” & “No Kuts” in LA gang culture as a Blood


Exposition Park – We first met Big Stretch from Fruit Town Brim (FTB) back in 2008, and in the beginning of that interview he mentioned, “No Kuts,” a phrase that Blood members are proud to acknowledge who have gone to prison and never joined a prison gang (ie. Blood Line or United Blood Nation). If a Blood decides to join a prison gang, you are now “Kut” and considered under “paperwork.” Those two organizations make you sign papers that indicates your new allegiance.

In the first interview he says “Shout Out to my real ass Gs…I am out here No Kut ridin’… all you Paperwork niggas.. suck my dick.” We never asked any questions about being “No Kut” and those under “paperwork” in that first interview, but in this video, Big Stretch describes the difference between the two identities and the problems that are created.

In 2013, Lloyd Dajuan Joseph, an incarcerated member from Compton’s Westside Piru told Gorilla Convict about what it means to be “no kutts”:

In the Blood and Piru card in prison you are either one of two things. No Kutt or “hooked up.” If you are hooked up you are either one of two things. BloodLine (BL) or United Blood Nation (UBN). Both of which mean you are under a constitution and obligation. The names of the two groups sound noble but don’t let that fool you anytime you are under an obligation to do something and your life is on the line if you don’t do it, it’s not good. That’s my opinion. I don’t know too much about their constitutions and paperwork because I don’t mess with it. Nor does anyone else who isn’t up under it. If you No Kutt that means you come in here bangin’ the Blood or Piru set you were from on the streets only. You are not trying to be from your hood and from something else on top of that once you get in here.

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