Judge breaks down Suge Knight’s 28-year prison sentence during sentencing hearing

STREETGANGS.COM | October 23, 2018
By Alex A. Alonso

LOS ANGELES – Marion “Suge” Knight agreed to a plea deal on September 20, 2018, just days before his murder trial was to begin in the death of Terry Carter in January of 2015. On January 29, 2015, Knight arrived at “basecamp” and lunch break site for the filming of a Straight Outta Compton promotional video that the movie crew was shooting. The film’s technical advisor, Cle “Bone” Sloan, became aware of Knights arrival at base camp, which was a large parking lot behind Lueders Park in Compton. Sloan approached Knight at the entrance on the westside of the parking lot and told him that he had to leave and in front of about six Sheriff’s deputies who were working security, Knight cursed at Sloan and threatened to beat him in front of multiple witness including Sheriff’s deputies.

In a series of coincidental events, Sloan just happened to see Knight in his vehicle on 142th Street near the Tam’s burger stand about 30 minutes after everyone left lunch break at basecamp. Sloan pulled into the parking lot of Tam’s on the Rosecrans side, got out of his vehicle and approached Knight in his truck and told him, “get out the car and kick my ass now.” That altercation led to the death of Terry Carter, when Knight was was able to shake Sloan off the side of the truck and run his body over while the truck was moving in reverse. Knight decided to put the car in drive, and run over Sloan a second time, and in the process, accidentally ran over Terry Carter who had nothing to do with their conflict.

Although Knight was charged with the murder of Terry Carter and attempted murder of Sloan, prosecutors offered a deal for manslaughter of Carter, while dismissing all other charges including two other felony cases he had pending. Both sides were ready for trial, but telephone calls made by Knight from the Los Angeles County jail in recent days turned out to end any hope for a reasonable defense. Prosecutors presented recorded calls Knight made to his legal team which were made in an effort to manipulate witnesses and get people to state in court that Sloan pulled a gun out during the altercation, something that never occurred. In one call, he offered money to any witness present, that would state this in court. Enhanced photos of the incident came back negative regarding the presence of a firearm, but that was the only defense Knight had. The prosecution was going to play these recordings to the jury during the trial which would have guaranteed a guilty verdict, and potential guilty verdicts in his two other felony cases would have exposed him to a life sentence, without the chance ever ever being free again. The 28 year deal was his best option.

On October 4, 2018 Judge Ronald Coen officially sentenced Knight to the maximum of 11 years for voluntary manslaughter (P.C.192) and that sentenced was doubled to 22 years since it was not his first offense. Knight was also sentenced to 1-year for using a dangerous weapon (car) during the commission of a felony. Finally the judge sentenced Knight to an additional 5-years for being a previous serious felon for a total of 28-years in State Prison.

Knight earned 1,545 days of jail time credit in the Los Angeles County Jail which is 4 years 95 days. He will not be eligible for parole until he serves 85 percent of the 28 years (10,220 days) which is 23 years 282 days (8,687 days). Minus his credit earned in the Los Angeles County jail, he as to serve an additional 7,142 more days (19 years 207 days) starting from his sentencing date. We calculated that he will be be eligible for parole on approximately March 20, 2038, and his first scheduled parole hearing should be about 6-month before this date. If he is released from prison after his first parole hearing, he will be 73 years old.

This plea deal dismisses the attempted murder charge on Sloan, the terrorist threat case again F. Gary Gray and the assault case along with Kat Williams.

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