Sharky, H-Crown & Face from 52 Hoover Gangsters on life, the streets & hip-hop

STREETGANGS.COM | December 22, 2013

South Los AngelesH-Crown, Sharky & Face from 52 Hoover posted up in their turf near the 110 Freeway in the 50s, talking about life living in their part of South Los Angeles. H-Crown was shot recently and talked about the risks of being in the streets.

Interview Date: December 11, 2013
Location: Los Angeles

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3 Comments for “Sharky, H-Crown & Face from 52 Hoover Gangsters on life, the streets & hip-hop”

  1. ynot

    Val was struck twice, once in the chest and the back, before he fled on foot and eventually collapsed on the street DiCroce said

  2. frank nitty

    I dont like Snoova & Bubbles!!!!!! These guys are chickes that have clicked up with Slobs & Gangster sets to combat NHC’s smh they call it moving grooving and swooping lol. These weak blank guys have turned banging into some groupie type tag team sh*%! These guys totally disrespecting all they original homies that are from old school. The guys doin life for chiping a slob and you new millineum bangers clicked up with them. No consideration for they homies that gave they freedom and in some cases they life for this sh*%. Smh weird blank guys. Fuc Snoova Pranksters and Slobs! Frank Nitty 92 NHC!

  3. Shook g

    Sharkey from shnoova, died on 99and Vermont At phone booth

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