Central Side Asian Boyz

North Side Asian Boyz

6 Comments for “Central Side Asian Boyz”

  1. marina mafia

    mouf kiD!!


    Was a click of dudes that claimed ABZ without permission. Didn’t last for long

  3. Dj guy

    They were small in numbers but crazy. They weren’t feared like the big gangs but were respected. They split due to age and most of em doing well. Good for them.

  4. 818glendale

    i heard the glendale clique was down AF. they never banged, but van nuyz og had their back. they were cool with all the gangs and never started beef, only finished it. the punishment for fing with them would be public humiliation.

  5. $tupidYoung1226

    A’z up. Recently did a project w one of dem cats. b on the lookout

  6. Oldmannow

    I went to school with one of them in Glendale and got curious so i googled this. Forgot his name but that dude got in fights a lot but like someone said in the comments, never started fights though. Maybe it was their code or something. Wonder whatever happened to that guy. He was pretty cool.

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