Asian gangs in Los Angeles City, San Fernando Valley (Northern Section)

Asian gangs in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) – Northern section

  1. Akrho Pinoy (AKP)
  2. Asian Boyz, Van Nuys (ABZ/ABS)
  3. Asian Boys, Van Nuys (ABS) – West Valley area
  4. Granada Hills Pinoy Real (PR)
  5. Ken Side Wah Ching (KWC)
  6. Jefrox (JFX)
  7. Judas 13 (J13)
  8. Korean Mobsters (KM)
  9. Luzon Visaya Mobsters (LVM)
  10. North Side Satanas (STS)
  11. North Side Bahala Na Gang (NS BNG)
  12. Pinoy Boys Gang (PBG)
  13. Real Pinoy Brothers (RPB)
  14. Seoul BoyZ (SBZ)
  15. Tau Gamma Pinoy (TGP)
  16. Valley Side Temple Street (TST) “Pinoy Locos”
  17. Valley Side Jefrox (JFX)

43 Comments for “Asian gangs in Los Angeles City, San Fernando Valley (Northern Section)”

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  2. Are the “Pinoy Locos” of Temple street affiliated with the Mexican Temple St.?, or are they filipino’s bangin’ Temple St.?


  4. gator

    stoked the rise and fall of skaters

  5. Mr.LocO213

    TEMPLE STREET 13 .. the biggest !


    fing dad used to shoot you foos.


      My dad use to shoot you guys too in the war he once told me he set up a boobee trap and ked alot of your people we sure have something in common lmao

    • Mohammad Azkhahimadaza

      Ya’ll gangsta need to learn how to speak and spell properly. Didn’t your mommy and daddy teach you anything? Low life and uneducated people doesn’t take you anywhere and remember that. Education is the best and gang banger is a loser.

    • Natoma Boyz

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  7. Sicc

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  8. W/S Carsone

    Wah Ching in the Valley? maybe….they never made themselves known then. missing is The Boys (TBS), old school set one of the originals in the Valley.

    • JudasTauGamma

      there was some wah ching and viet ching operating in the valley in the 80’s but after ABS got established they pretty much took over all the extortion of vietnamese/chinese businesses in SFV especially in reseda area.

      THE BOYS TBS is old school in SFV. ASIAN BAD BOYS ABB too. they lived out in the early 90’s.

    • 252smm

      No one takes u slanted eye rice eaters serious

  9. JudasTauGamma

    Temple Street when mentioned as an “Asian Gang” is the Pinoy Locos clique of the TST in L.A.

    Also where Satanas STS came from.

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