Korean Mobsters

Korean Mobsters

8 Comments for “Korean Mobsters”

  1. slob187

    my Ni66ahga

  2. slob187

    closed fasst

  3. slob187

    buster where?

  4. slob187

    3 for da wop

  5. slob187

    old master of stell dvvorce

  6. cKarson

    Had a couple homies from Korean mobsters ish goes back to 1997 met my Ni66ah Boxer from KM during my stay at Theo Lacy in Orange County and his big homies Og Hitman and Oso the homiees. Straight up ridas they was from Cerritos Orange county and tight with them Sarzana gang

    • SLiM

      what foo we aint cool with no sza I dont like them foos and I dont like anyone in carson b1tch I dont like sza and their dead homies KM44 on top PSC I dont like TUNAFISHES

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