West Side Asian Boyz

West Side Asian Boyz

8 Comments for “West Side Asian Boyz”

  1. DAMu

    look kid a bj from 96…….

  2. 9/11

    Hate west side! There’s Armenians taxing up the oil/gas prices! Justice needs to be done. Teheranno is bad for you! Can you not see the error of your ways? f Hollywood! f you!

  3. Baby snoop2

    These smart nippsK dont make no noise I’m always taking there ish



  5. 0.8.H1

    f Ass BusterZ. f xll Ass BusterZ and your dexd H1omies bluHH.
    This big bxd H1ell Side Gxng. 08 gxng or dont bxng bluH. H’s up. $GV xrex

    • LOL

      West side abz might have dead homies.

      Kicker (LA ABI) early 90s, Ghost (WS ABZ) early 2000s.

      But none of them were done by your hood, player.

      And those 2 went out in a hail of gunfire. Kicker was domed with a .45. Ghost got set up by some chicks and got ambushed.

      And there was get back that followed. Especially for Kicker.

      How did some of your Alhambra Hell Side homies live, player? Did you guys get back?

      I remember one of your homies lived getting jumped at a 7/11 by LVM. Didn’t even get shot. Just got jumped and fool lived. LOL

  6. 6ixllxi6

    whats up with fat boy from west side abz? that fool was alright, and two brothers i think one was named evil, those dudes were down for their ish

  7. 6trey

    LVM i remember that name, what did that weak ass chino gang name stand for again? They thought they were all tough but were just a bunch of weak ass nips

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