6 Shots Pinoy Real

6 Shots Pinoy Real

7 Comments for “6 Shots Pinoy Real”

  1. granny

    bling bling..

  2. jasper

    Rowland PR 6 Forever

  3. Lil.dragon n dragon a.h.m n.w.k

    Me n my brother love PxR take that ish to the grave ehh much love for the homies lets keep this Bo-na-ru Geez & lalives big bad PxR connected 4 life Anaheim n Norwalk essay! :))

  4. gcode

    Dragon grow the f up foo. you lame ass fools ain’t even active no more.

  5. 4××lan

    fart cxxx stay haTing more strip than ur hood homeboy believe that=× suka fish……..

  6. nogales4life

    Bugsy was a chick

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