Tired of working for "The Man"

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Christina Marie
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Tired of working for "The Man"

Unread post by Christina Marie » September 5th, 2012, 2:48 am

My freaking feet hurt every night when I get home. Sometimes so bad I am crying all the way home. My fiance just got his bounty hunter license and we are going to put both our tax returns into starting up the business in January.

What are you doing or going to do to get out from under working for someone else?

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Middle Weight
Middle Weight
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Re: Tired of working for "The Man"

Unread post by HungryWolf » August 8th, 2013, 3:59 am

Tried to set up a fashion label for years. Me and my former companion had some real f**ked up designs with a pretty hostile attitude. People loved our stuff. But when we finally succeeded and I seriously thought about quitting my actual job he screwed me over, bad mouthing me behind my back and spread lies about me. I finally got in a real bad position where even my marriage was at stake. Luckily my wife is loyal and was able to separate truth from lies.
I played it all cool and sold my part of the business to my former friend for a good price. After all the contracts were filled and money was paid I confronted him and he would still lie to me in front of my face. That is a long story made short and a 10 year friendship that got wasted for money and personal BS.
This happened a year ago and the SoaB still begs me to do more designs for him. He will never succeed without me. Watching him lose all we ever achieved is a slow and satisfying revenge.

Well, that's my story of trying to get out from working for the man. Maybe one day, but right now I am happy with my job for the man.

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