Village Town Piru / Ujima Village Piru in Willowbrook adjacent to Compton

Village Town Piru / Ujima Village Piru is a predominately African-American street gang located in the public housing projects in Willowbrook, unincorporated Los Angeles County. Willowbrook is located adjacent to the City of Compton on the northwest side and the Ujima Village homes are located next to Magic Johnson Park.

The turf of the VTPs is located between Wadsworth & Clovis north of El Segundo Blvd, but in 2013 the Village Town housing complex was demolished, displacing thousands of residents due to contamination of the soil and water where Ujima was built in 1972. Exxon-Mobil was the previous owner of the property before it was sold as the future construction site for Ujima Village. When Exxon-Mobil owned the property, they used the land which housed 22 storage tanks for petroleum products including a storage for crude-oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and fuel oil.


The level of contamination wasn’t revealed to the residents until the County attempted to sell the land in 2004 to private developers that tested the soil and groundwater and determined that the land the complex was built on was contaminated with gas and crude oil. In 2008, County health officials said the contamination did not pose a health risk but a law suit filed in April 2010 alleges that the contamination at the Ujima site cased 38 deaths and hundreds of cases of cancer, leukemia, miscarriages, respiratory distress, chronic infections, asthma, anemia and cognitive and neurological issues.

The site have been vacant since 2013 and the precense of the Ujima Village Bloods has diminished but some members have been displaced to the adjacent areas of Miller Gangster Bloods and Compton.

Deceased Members

  1. Jermaine “Butter” Taylor (August 2, 1973 – June 25, 2015)

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