Piru gangs in Los Angeles County

Piru Gangs in Los Angeles County

Pirus are a collection of Los Angeles County street gangs that fall under the Blood alliance. The first Pirus formed off of Piru Street on the westside of Compton around 1970. The first Piru set in Compton was called the Piru Street Boys. On the other side of Compton around Leuders Park the Eastside Pirus formed. The Piru Street Boys morphed in the Westside Pirus, then eventually other pirus sets formed in Compton in opposition to the Crips.

In Los Angeles the Bloods Stone Pirus formed, and other Piru sets formed in Inglewood, Pacoima and Carson.

Piru sets in Compton

  1. 135 Pirus
  2. Bartender Pirus [defunct]
  3. Butler Block Piru [defunct]
  4. Campanella Park Pirus
  5. Cedar Block Pirus
  6. Cross Atlantic Pirus
  7. East Compton Piru
  8. East Side Pirus
  9. Elm Street Pirus
  10. Fruit Town Pirus
  11. Holly Hood Pirus
  12. Leuders Park Pirus
  13. Lime Hood Pirus
  14. Neighbor Hood Pirus, 145
  15. Mob Piru
  16. Original Block Pirus, 151
  17. Taper Street Pirus [defunct]
  18. Tree Top Pirus
  19. Village Town Piru – located in Willowbrook
  20. West Park Piru [defunct]
  21. West Side Pirus

Piru Sets in Carson

  1. Center View Piru
  2. Cabbage Patch Piru
  3. Grace Avenue Piru
  4. Samoan Warrior Bounty Hunters
  5. Scotts Dale Piru
  6. Scott Park Piru
  7. West Side Piru

Other Piru Sets in Los Angeles County

  1. 456 Island Piru Bloods in Pomona
  2. Avenue Pirus in Inglewood
  3. Blood Stone Pirus in Los Angeles
  4. Neighborhood Pirus in Inglewood
  5. Pacoima Piru Bloods in Pacoima, Los Angeles

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