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31 Comments for “Contact information:”

  1. Many years ago (mid-1970’s) I volunteerd at Camp Carl Holton in Pacoima. I was a big brother to a Tony “Negro” Sanchez from White Fence in East Los Angeles. I lost contact with him and I had moved to Chicago (worked with First Time Youth Offenders on the South Side). I have often wondered what ever happened to Tony Sanchez? I just finished reading Luis Rodriguez’s book “Always Running.” It made me wonder if Tony survived and turned his life around? He had some very good qualities, and had the ability to make something of himself. Yet, he was overshadowed and controlled by his “homies.” I would like to put to rest the “what ever happen to …” Any info?

    Richard T. Valero

    • ed


    • Richard

      If i had my way you idiots would be in afganistan fighting on the front lines and saving the lives of out good young men that have lived to make it possible for you to continue your k-ing raqping and stealing here in the stares. Further if i had my way if arrested and labeled as a gang member you eould go on military transport to afganistan or take a bullet in the head on the spot. you have no rights at that point your dead on the spot

      • ed

        Amen Richard!!! GREAT IDEA!!! Put those bastards on the front lines!! let em prove they are men and not the punks they truly are!!!

    • Boosie

      Hi I tried joining the message board for, but never recieved the confirmation e-mail. Neither in my regular mail folder or in the spam folder any suggestions or modes of contact I can make with the website host?

  2. The early gang k-ingg on 109th st and Figeuroua did have arrests and they were not cribs ,they were the very first Denver Lanes in existance.they were all anti crib or crip, they hung out at figeroua street school and across the street at Assenchan catholic school basketball courts in the summertime 1970-1971. The cacausin man they ked was a former war hero ,but did not survive the streets of south central . if i remember correctly the victom had another man with him but he locked himself in the car and would not open the door while his friend was beaten to death outside of the car , 7 or 8 Lanes did very light juvenile sentences ,I attended school with most of them at Locke high some went to Washington high, some were in middle school at the time . The L.A. Sentinal reported that no arrest were made is not accurate.

  3. Joe

    How many black gangs are left in LA? The Mexicans are moving in and replacing all of the blacks, so how can these black crips and bloods continue if they are leaving south central los angeles?
    and yes it’s south central not south LA. I am talking about south central los angeles, not compton.

  4. I think other site proprietors should take this site as an model, very clean and excellent user friendly style and design, as well as the content. You are an expert in this topic!

  5. I’ve learn a few great things here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you place to create such a excellent informative website.

  6. Ben

    hi, i’m preparin my exams work in graphicdesign with the theme “gang signs” which includes gang hand signs, symbols, communication hand signs, tattoos and grafittis. i’ve found a lot of nice documentaries but i think it’s not enough to crackin the meaning of those hand signs because my intention is to illustrate that hand signs for creatin pictograms. maybe you can give me a piece of advice how i can get some of that hand signs or post some information about that. big thanks in advance

  7. a must read book ,about the real bounty hunters gang story and what happened to the first generation bangers when they entered the prison system

    Confessions of a banger
    johnny blair

  8. Ghostwind

    Trying to get in to the ‘VIP’ section of the, but the link Alonzo left to e-mail him AFTER I followed him on Twitter was dead.

    Shameless self-promotion? Sad.

    I don’t expect anyone to respond. That would typical of sites that are not organized. It’s too bad. Alonzo seems to be an educated man. I may not always agree with him, but I respect him.

    I kinda got the idea when asked to follow him on twitter, but I went ahead with the rest anyhow.

    My bad.


  9. Wack

    Hawthorne piru gang was the first black gang in hawthorne. The water gate crips claim inglewood although their territory is considered the border of hawthorne and inglewood between imperial and 118th. HPG started in 1982 by Big Strut aka Michael Henry, Big Rush, and Roskoe. An IFG and PDL and VTPmember was present certifying the start of the new hood on 132nd street off Rosekrans blvd. & Prairie ave. Most early members went to leuzinger high off rosecrans. At their peak in the early 90s, there were over 200 members claiming west side, east side, and south side. They had baby gangstas, tiny loks and lady loks until the early 90s when damus stopped using the word lok. Then layer the peewees and tiny dogs. Contrary to popular belief their are still original Hawthorne Pirus in the city although there are onlu about 50 full fledge members they are currently rebuilding.

  10. Wack

    Original Hawthorne Piru Gang is not the same as the 135 or Dark side pirus who have only been claiming hawthorne for a few years. The 118 crips started as a crew in 1993 or 1994 as the Respect gang,becoming crips in 1994 or 95. Thug family came out in 2001 becoming crips in 2002 or 03. Acacia block hustlers came out in 2002 not becoming crips until 2006. All these gangs exaggerate as to their size & territory. Hawthorne piru has always had a strong prevence between rosecrans and el.segundo and crenshaw to hawthorne blvd. 129th,133rd,134th,139th are some of the sreets they are known to be on. They have kept a low profile due to internal conflict but seem to be reorganizing.

  11. Wack

    Big Strut Rest In Peace was well known in hawthorne also known as Big Mike. He wad murdered by some young crips on doty ave and el segundo blvd. In 1989 in hawthorne. prior to that Baby Ck was the youngest and first member of HPG to be ked. Big Poo Bear lived on 1991 then shank was ked the same year. Notable ygs Ck Mondo was murdered by police after a shooting at th Rock it bar om Rosecrans and Hawthorne blvd.


    I am alone. And my dream is make a talirist. So give me only one chance. I’ll prove that I am a mastermind and do everything. Only one chance.

  13. 8PointStarRanger

    Psykodiktas” Are in big demand for youngsters and other gang acttivaty involvment to being a nation, religon and a way of living. Psykodiktas” Look for those who seek strength, faith andto build a bigger family. You can tell a psykata” by the bright orange and white cloth’s they wear. The hand symbols the for into a cross, a 8 point star or the letters P.D.T short for Psykodiktas” Psykodiktas” got their name crazy for the crazy life style they lived and murderer for the brutal murtistic ways they have.NO differnt then a regular psychotic but spelled a differnt way replacing the c’s for a k, taking out the h add d, a and s i befor k and give you Psykodiktas” Which every letter have a meaning behind the Power, Safty, Youth, k Only Doughters, Incress Knowledge,Take,As,Seen. A message it is it’s self. For which they claim the secound short term for P.D.T which is Protect D Turf” The term or being A Psykodiktas” member is to semply dedicate your life as a P.D.T member, meaning if your crip or blood then your crip or blood reping Psykodiktas” or if your MS13 or Skin head, Arab or Muslume.then your ither one of those under Psykodiktas” Psykodiktas” do not intend on taking members from other gangs or wants to be looked at as a gang but simply for those who want something other then what they have been doing andset a change a way for the new breed and to also be looked at as a organized family movment. Psykodiktas” have over 30 chapters being build threw out the whole unitted states of america. TX, LA, MIA, NY,CT,MA, and 12 other states. secrectly working for the government, states, and locoal dealers in naighborhoods across the nation with hi ranked people like the F.B.I thats right federal’s and other such as the Unitted Nation and presedent Obama and the presedent of russia to keep a secret bond to promote a massive change in the way of life. This has been a ancient way back when freemasasons was undergrounds back when paramids where beinging made the Psyiads where some of the most skedfull people out there but there was only 30 of them from a small village in Wau Sudan there at pyarmid Meroe their sks where put to test by the gods and passed with flying colors it was said the last test to proove to the gods was a test for their worrior sks. one man from the group of 30 used a sword to chop up a orange. he did it so fast that the skin and polp came off as a doctor would make surgury on a person in less then 10 secounds he made freash ornge juice in a cup and thats where they get there Orange color from. the god blessed them on that night and on that night there was a big 8 point star in the sky over them and as the gods left the start left which they use that star to represent the coming of the gods.

    • 8PointStarRanger

      had to walk out for a sec……….

      I only post this up here because i think the world should kno things like this is happening in america and to pu Psykodiktas on blast i seen first hand to what hey could do from mob like hits to even helping out awhole community i wont say names to not put my self in danger do to they have accessto the internet ust as any regular person do.

  14. Janet Perkins

    This business has come in for a lot of criticism lately for its lack of expert lecturers. It seems they are taking it easy due to their popularity.

  15. Joe Ellison

    Street Gangs must do more than lecturing. It should be very aggressive in curbing out gangstah riots and hooliganism. Ardent advocacy without any effect on the street is simply brouhaha and braggadocio. The late night walker should feel safe!

  16. liferswife

    Alex, you contacted my husband Dreamer from Alpine Street, in Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA. He wanted me to contact you for him.

  17. Congratulations on having one of the most sophisticated blogs I’ve came across in some time! Its just incredible how much you can take away from something simply because of how visually beautiful it is. Youve put together a great blog space great graphics, videos, layout. is definitely a must-see blog!

  18. Rayford Johnson

    Would like to introduce my gang prevention book, “Thug Mentality Exposed”, written by a Correctional Counselor, for more info. please go to:

  19. L D

    On the SET! Where all gangs in SanFernando, where you be with your rag in your pocket and your post outside?
    Hit up Jackman Ave where it’s poppin.

  20. Stella Fair

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  21. Paul

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  22. denapride20

    Why cant I log on? There seems to not be a way to use my user name. Can you please clear my email address so I may sign up. Haven’t ever been on the site yet. thanks

  23. denapride20


  24. G.EdwardWilliams


  25. Tony Edwards

    hi! how r u, I would like u help in buying to magazines that u site is saying its still sold out. AS IS #8 and Don Diva #30. Thank You!

  26. rcmak

    Great web site, great info n stories. your work is exellent, thankyou

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