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Alex A. Alonso is a gang researcher in Los Angeles, specializing in California prison gangs, territorial based street gangs, geography of crime and race/ethnic studies. His research has linked census data to gang neighborhoods to reveal socio-economic realities of gang neighborhoods, analyzed the geography of homicides modeling predictive patterns & mapped over 1300 gangs in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Some of his research has empirically revealed that not all gangs are created equal and that gang neighborhoods located in lower income communities along with low educational attainment (10th grade or less) are linked to higher rates of violence.

His logarithm has also revealed that the City’s & County’s census of gang members has both an error that reflects an over counting and under counting. The over count has an error of about 11 percent (+/- 1.8 percent) and the under count has an error of about 3.5 percent (+/- 0.45 percent) as a result of either incorrectly identifying youth as gang members and never coming into contact with some gang members.

In his free time he coaches golf, trains in martial arts & enjoys photography.

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