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  1. Teri Encinias

    Ah, check, this out, can you bangers, from: every gang in: Paramount, stay, from my residences. I moved away from my old house, because you were in my garage. All, of you have no clblank! I don’t care, if your my ex’s. I don’t get along with: Dog Patch, ish, no one shots, me in the head, on: Rose and Paramount, so why come to place of residence in: Long Beach, California. Tell, thatFat Flora, to stay away, from, the streets of Long. They invited me to stay in, “The Longos” not you. Stop hooking, if no one, wants to be with you, in your hood, shoved up your, blank, why come to my house? chick…you, too, Dino. Now, Ball, got on my nerves…so, did his daddy: Zack…backing him up, and some, um? Don’t come here sexing it…Dog Patch. Why you k, Prieto? Was it because, he from: East Side Paramount. Another, why jump, at: Clearwater? Cuzz, I’m from: XVIII Street/70’s Compton. Shoves CoCos bar up your blank. What happened to: Sweepee and her family? Tell Alice, to leave me alone, I never liked Coacha…Why you k, Sherrif Emenes? Who Richie tounge off, on the riverbed? Why you k Tinkerbell/Rachel, and follow me to the: Bonnie Lee Hotel? What happened to Carrie and Patti? Who ked my brother in law: Anthony? Baby Wicked Loca, Teri fer Encinias Compton Barrio Sevententas/XVIII Street. PS, Fat Loca Lorraine with baby stuck up her blank is Flora…

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