111 Neighbor Hood Crips in South Los Angeles

The 111 Neighbor Hood Crips are a predominately African-American street gang located in South Los Angeles west of Western Avenue off 111th Street. They were founded around 1974 or 1975 and are among one of the oldest Crip gangs on the Westside of Los Angeles.

They are part of the Neighborhood Crip and Rollin 100s car.

Deceased Members

  1. Big Ant
  2. Lil Blacc Ant
  3. Blacc Dog
  4. Baby Brains
  5. Big Bulb
  6. Ce Rag
  7. Dre
  8. Ed Dog
  9. Joe Dog
  10. Kay Kay
  11. Baby Maniac
  12. Moon
  13. Smoke
  14. Mac “T-Bone” McCoullough, 27 (August 7, 1963 – October 15, 1990)
  15. Baby T-Bone
  16. Baby Too Cool
  17. Tudy
  18. Baby Weasel

50 Comments for “111 Neighbor Hood Crips in South Los Angeles”



    WS ING AVE PIRU GANG THA dumbeleven nap MURDA GANG. blank r100K r90K r60K nhcK ivcK rcgK lcgK tcgK wgcK anybodyK

  3. Western love


  4. lil homie

    westside original rich rollin 100’s crip gang new hampshire. roll wit it or get rolled ova guy

  5. cuzzo

    hell yeah them aces puttin hurtin on that weak blank slob blank guy. this c dont die guy is multiply cuz so get used to it guy

  6. 100s

    W/S 1e11umST Naybk0rHk11d Cr1pp1in x0 gang bk pkmad swank F all sl0bk

    100 gang or dont bang N’s up 1s


    blank dumeleven napsK

  8. 100

    westside original neighborhood 111th st. rich rollin 100’s crip gang is how its said homie

  9. naybkorhkood 111

    I dont like tramps snoovas fartgets dirus 2 cuhk guy we roll rich

  10. OG Bobcat ONHC 1e11um str

    guy west tha bizness, this is the OG homie out here in Tacoma, WA puttin it down since day one, on these marks, I done started a Neighborhood out here, and these guyz is on FIRE foe tha 11UM real ish 15 years strong and they deeper thana muthaI dont likea too. get at me CUZZ from the 80’s to the 2 tha 2thouwowsen 2 whenever ask yo OG’s who I am they know you little young guyz dont know about me.

    • Lil Bobcat

      Whats up unc Big Bobcat 1. This yo nephew Lil Cat yeah u know dudes is out here in Tacoma cuhk but im originally from the house cuhk 111NHC x 115NHC trampk fook maggotk snakek dildok snoovek. I dont like all snoochies all day 83k. Rip Big Bop 1 x T Brainz x. Free lil dulo x j bar x t bear. In my lil wayne voice “I can give a I dont like about no snoochie as long as my hoodstas love me”

    • izraul

      The real OG Bobcat from l.a. bangz 47 lakewood hustlaz. he and salt rocc from san diego nhc started that ish. I was out there in 95 and sold the homie some kevlar

      r.i.p. big c money creep dog (47 Hustaz) tacoma

      h.i.p. bam tre (111 nhc) l.a.

      r.i.p. og ice man (83 gc) l.a.

      h.i.p. lil bay loc cool c j.s. (47 nhc) s.d.

      • andre charles

        guy… that guy is from tha mid-west and he’s from vice lord so get it str8 that’s my guy too… Im 47 years old so that makes me the original fool get your facts str8 and Im from tha Land of Crips and Bloodks guy so it aint no mix up cuzz.

        • izraul

          not the one i was talkin bout.. but yeah i know that bobcat too.. g loc awol cronic tiny mad time bomb lil fel tiny c money spanky baby j rocc..

          i know all them fools..

          damn near every original crip set in wa. was started by l.a. guyz including hilltops. and thats only cuz diamond was I dont likein wit em.

          i grew up around nuttin but og’z. b’z and c’z

      • izraul

        cant forget my guy

        h.i.p. baby mike loc (47 nhc) s.d.

    • reron

      yo bobcat do you got a brother name bones

    • locs

      whats yo hood name?

  11. 111 Bone

    111N.HOOD from Memphis cuzz get up wit me big homie wanna get up wit u on sum hood ish

  12. Rollin 40s

    111 NHC Rollin 40’s was Craccin

  13. Ozone

    I wish you 100 homies get yal facts straight rollin 6×10 is the origanal nhood st.

    • onhc 1e11um

      sorry to bust ur fantasy bubble but W/S 111 NAYBORHOOD CRIP is the the o.g. nhood…
      R60s are the o.g. rollin…

      rollin 100s NH OR NOTHIN !!!
      10X10 WIT A S ON THE N !!!

  14. OBKG RayLoC

    RayLoC RiChk Ro111N 100s Cuz 111st Naybkors Dnt Need No Favors 10 X 10 Wit A S On Da End C1C40 LoCs Slobk k Snoover k I dont like All Dem Pkussies NHC

  15. 52nd ECL Loc

    ayeee locs wblank gud, its I dont likein 52nd Street Eastcyde Locoz Crips out here.!!!

  16. aviloncrip

    ima crip guy trying to find the crip hood and……… f BLOODS


    102 Ten DeuCe World Famous Raymond Ave. Crip – Inglewood

  18. ROYAL


  19. izraul

    lol.. i just seen my boy from water gate out in az. aint seen in 20 yrs.,

    like kitchens or cajuns too lol

  20. trampK

    internet bangers lmfao dudes is JOKES

  21. Nsohc6900

    On originals all yall la hoods need to shut up nd get off out

  22. $-Dogg2

    West Side Rich Rollin 100’s1e11um5. Rolla Coasta all day every day cuzz. NH.I.P T-Bone3/Kay Kay/Big Ant/Big Bulb/Dre/Maniac3/Weasel3/Joe Dog/Blacc Dog/Brains3/Lil Blac Ant/Ce Rag/Big Tudy/Big $moke/Moon/Lennox/TooCool2/Ed Dog…Can’t forget about the homies from 113 Blocc Crip- Lil Dracc/Joker R.I.P to all my Crazy Deads

  23. Lynwood NH Crip

    What up all the homies in 100s free Big pan 111NH stay safe cuzz

  24. terry

    South Dallas Reppin Rollin 60’s to the Southside of Ft. Worth Rollin them 60’s we been active since 1988….come get some….Cali Blacks really from the South..Ask ya grands and ya great grands,,,,,Straight Ranchin out here in Texas…..holla at ya boy

  25. Sk1-11z Zola

    w/s 1-11 original nhc

  26. Miss tweet

    Anyone know bird from 111 I’m looking for him he’s family

  27. Tazz duce

    111 nhc from Tulsa Oklahoma aka thug-town r.i.p.t-loc

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