Kenneth “KP” Peevy (1987 – 2015)

STREETGANGS.COM | July 21, 2015
updated: July 26, 2015

LOS ANGELES — Kenneth “KP / Killa Prancsta” Peevy (Nov 15, 1987 – Jul 17, 2015) was fatally shot in South Los Angeles on W. 109th Street off Hobart Avenue in Original Blocc Crip neighborhood, a gang that Peevy represented. He also pushed the Harvard Boyz movement, a collection of guys from this neighborhood pursuing careers in music.

According to the police, Peevey, 27, was shot once in the upper body and pronounced dead at the scene Friday morning. His death sparked the “100 days 100 nights” movement, which was promoted through social media, specifically Instagram, where other Rollin’ 100s Crip gang members vowed violence to rivals, most likely Hoovers, in 100 days and 100 nights.  These threats where more bolster and machismo and never manifested to the level of violence that the slogan suggested. Local Los Angeles media felt that these threats were news worthy and in covering Peevey’ death, added more fuel to the fire.


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  1. Alley Man

    You live by the gun, you die by the gun, its really that simple. Especially if you are all on Instagram bragging about how you can’t be touched. What happens? You get touched.

    • Tr1X7per'dell daLØK GHBz


    • Forgiving God

      Well said…..that’s it & that’s all!!! This is very sad. I never knew Mr. KP until after his demise. I am sadden because looking at his IG he was a monster BUT at the same time he showed some excellent qualities of a wonderful father & a very bright talented man. He actually could have been the next Tyler Perry for his generation. Unfortunately, that road was not traveled and/or not exposed. Not to mention he was a very handsome man. Greater than all of this I pray just as the thrive on the cross with Jesus he had a chance to ask for forgiveness & say remember me in paradise????????

      • LRoBNHB

        Aren’t you the fake normandie man? I thought the real one was TV. I can tell because he the only guy on here who says beast

  2. Gwenishia Warren

    I understand what your say but my friend died behind a set up by pple he knew so before you speak seek the truth

    • Alley Man

      Gwenishia Warren, if your friend was set up by his own homies, have you asked yourself, Why? Why would they want to do that to Mr. Peevey? Well if you look over his Instagram page you can see why, he bragged, he ridiculed, he bullied, he talked mad ish, he humilated others, he acted like he was the best fighter, and I can go on and on. If you have a son, do you want him to act like KP, who was 26 or 27 years old? This man was pushing 30 years old and did not evolve. Black people are black people’s worst enemy.

      • Ahoova concerned mom

        If he was set-up by his on homies why they wanna k a hunnit Hoovas,k a humanity of your own homies

  3. James Steveson

    ish happens now they talking bout 100 days and 100 nights behind those k-ingg sayen they tryna k a 100 ppl this ish stupid our black ppl stupid as f all we do is shoot each other over the color of a fen rag,Hispanic gangs taken over layen us down they don’t care about what color they ppl bang if u black tho you dead think I’m lien go to prison we out number 3 to every one of us so the fish happens now they talking bout 100 days and 100 nights behind those k-ingg sayen they tryna k a 100 ppl this ish stupid our black ppl stupid as f all we do is shoot each other over the color of a fen rag,Hispanic gangs taken over layen us down they don’t care about what color they ppl bang if u black tho you dead think I’m lien go to prison we out number 3 to every one of us so wake the f up everyoneuck up

  4. Ocean Blue

    Whats his IG page?

  5. Forgiving God

    Praying for the strength of Mr. KP’s family and for all of the families that Mr. KP has caused this same pain to. In a perfect world I wish Mr. KP could come back to warn his boys of how wrong he was to do all the things that he had done & try to bring atonement across the LOS ANGELES LAND of the crips & bloods.

    Shame, is this really what Dr. King, Malcom X die for? Is this why Rosa park got off the bus, Is this how Barak Obama became President? NO, NO and NO!

    I say all those that want 100 days and 100 nights send them to Texas where Ms. Bland was ked by the white police officers. How bout that! I think all of LA County citizens will be overjoyed to pay for them to go!

  6. College Graduate

    this is the dumbest bullish ever. i cannot believe that in 2015 black people are carrying on with this. i have a grandmother in her final days and i remember all of her stories about how she couldn’t walk the Las Vegas strip because she was black and her deceased husband couldn’t become a pilot because of his skin tone. We went through SOOOOOOOOOOOO much stuff and heartache and now this is happening. i can’t believe it. i’m starting to think my black life doesn’t even matter to my own black people. you can shoot a bazillion people if you want…it won’t take away from the fact that Kenneth Peevy is dead. These gangsters are just wasting bullets. Get a job and go to school or else you’ll be chillin’ with KP real soon. Stupid idiots.

    • JustAnotherBlackMan

      Well said…

    • Sunsine

      Hi College Graduate,

      I disagree with you about going to school or getting a job. Neither one of those problems is going to fix the problems we have in our community. Don’t get me wrong going to school and maintain a decent paying job is part of the solution its not a solution to a immediate fix.

      I believe as a collective whole this problem is going to have to start in the home environment. We don’t have many people such as your grandmother who have lived in a time where people of color was not allowed to do or go to certain places or community and have lived to share her experience and lived to see the changes that have evolved good and bad for out people.

      I know that I have tried to explain to my kids my life experience and the struggles people of color have experience throughout the years. they don’t seem to care they have even gone as far as tell me that my childhood experience does not have any relevance on their life experience.

    • Sunsine

      Hi Alley Man,

      My condolences goes out to KP family. However, you so right that “Black people are black people’s worst enemy.” Yet nothing is being done to stop the foolishness that is going on with our community. I wish I had the answer but putting your business on any social media platform is not the way to go.

      All I ever hear from public officials and community activist talking about the problem but rarely do I hear of anyone give sound advice to solutions to the problem other than folks need jobs. All I know is that at one point in my life I use to be a product of South Central LA and I felt lost and confused trying to find a better way and solution of surviving in South Central LA; Without going down the wrong path of self-destructing. Finding my way out was not an easy task when you are surrounded by so many rod blocks and negative pressure or as other people keep saying “product of your environment/community”

      Instead of promoting foolishness on social media build a dialogue and express what you believe would help turn South Central LA around. We have got to stop the k-ingg of our own race.

      • Alley Man

        the answer to the problem is actually an easy one:

        – family, father’s and mothers need to raise their children with proper family values, stop teaching guy ish to your kids like KP was teaching his son, and fathers need to be full time parents.

        – education, this comes from family, but we need to aspire to be something other than an athlete, a rapper, a drug dealer, etc to earn an income. The underground economy is k-ingg black people, but every day new black people who are uneducated roll the dice and take the chance.

        – God, if you take on simple principles that God teaches, love you neighbor, respect you parents, and most important, DO NOT WORSHIP MONEY, you will be able to find a positive path in life. This money chasing is making people act demonic.

  7. College

    Let’s do some simple math here 100 days 100 nights versus 365 days 365 nights. That leaves 265 in favor of the Hoovers. I think the 100’s might want to re-think their strategy. With that said go ahead k each-other off. The quicker the better, the people of South Central has had enough of you cowards. 465 bastards going to see their daddy Satan.

  8. Jesus Christ

    Your life is only but a moment, do you not understand? your lack of knowledge makes it shorter. when this world ends in your very eyes.. would anything matter to you.. at the very moment you will realize what’s most important.

    You was born naked & you will leave earth naked.

    jhn.14.6 Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.
    rom.6.23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

    • Ahoova concerned mom

      Go watch whites out on YouTube “Yah”

    • Sunsine

      Well if you cant see that throwing your religious belief on others is not going to bring them no closer to God. I use to be a believer not anymore. I have learned to accept that life is all about choose we make.

      If their was a God why have he allowed so many people to suffer?

      • LORD I LOVE U

        Well this is not the case a hand and yes your right this world is full of choices and you have a choice to serve God or Satan or who ever else you want to serve. People choices is the reason there suffering. And plus the Bible say we will go through for Jesus name sake


    This is such a sad case because we giving the white people and the police what they want, all of this over a name a color a street we as black need to stop all the black on black k because the white people is doing is sitting back laughing at us, this is stupid, this stupid stuff is really worth your mothers and kids and families life’s all over streets non of you’ll own smh the Bible says be not deceived God is not mock what so ever a man sew there for shall he all so reap… you get what you give smh I’m so upset with my black men this stuff bring me to tears

  10. Confused

    This Madness Is Hilarious…Gangbangin been played out Longgggggg ago…The Kids, Mothers, Grandmother’s are innocent why put them in the middle of this BS…It’s So So Sad! I’m praying for the Fools and their Families

  11. H74VER CKRIM 55nhcK

    this guy from 55nhc needs to shut his mouf. H00VERZ ain’t dead, the only guys thats gona end up dead is yo momma and kids.

    yall naps from 55, 57, 58 aint nuthin but snitches.f trollin chips. guys act hard on the internet until i walk up to yo momma and put two slugs in her chest.

    mark blank guy from 55nhcK on here yappin about macK 10s and AK’s LOL
    Yall guys got water guns, HXXVERZ be the guys walkin up to cKrabs and shootin dem up close, if KP was still alive he’d tell you dat LOL.

    any mark as guy can run they mouf on the computer but only real guys be on the streets, you can find a H74VER on fig everyday, yall napsK be hiding behind your family, but its ok, thats why we are gonna start k-ingg your family members, that should make yall trollin bustas come out and catch a hot one.

    don’t let yo kids walk to school by themselves, don’t let yo moms go to work by herself, don’t let yo grandma go to church, we gonna k all yall guys, when yall nappy head kids grow up they gon become Naps thats why we gonna k them too.

    I wish I could see the look on yall guys faces when you find out a H74VER shot up yo momma just because she was goin to work LOL don’t make us run up in yo house and rape yo sisters, we might as well snatch yo sisters off the streets when they walkin to school and rape them.

    Like we said, yall Naps know what time it is, when H74VERSZ catch yo family, yall gonna get smoked. aint no talkin this out, tell yo kids that they better watch they baCKs when they walkin to school

    f KP aka puzi… his kid betta watch out, I’m a personaly walk up to that lil nap and shoot him in the head 74 times!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. straight to the point...

    Y’all guys stupid for a number of reasons….
    The police see and can trace everything you’re typing right now…
    The police are the real enemy right now so why k each other when they are k-ingg us and getting away with it.
    You’re really bringing kids and grannies into it? In turn bringing your own children grannies women into the war because they will retailiate. Why would you want to jeopardize your family?
    Gangbangin been played out, I thought it was ending when guys started wearing skinny jeans. Lol wtf
    The confederates and kkk are tryna reemerge in the south on some white supremacy ish and u guys wanna k each other over petty ish.
    The Mexicans are tryna k blacks too …but once again we k-ingg each other.
    We can go on and on , but u guys are dumb. I got FAM and friends from 107, 92, 74, 83 hoova, from the 100s, Rollin 90s, u.g , hardtimes, 60. This ish is stupid

  13. .......

    You guys are going to regret all of this! You guys are k-ingg each other for someone who decided to choose the life he carried. All you kids are stupid! Saying you going to k an innocent family who doesn’t have blame of your bullish! All you big mouths saying “I’m gonna k so and so family” what is going to happen when they come k-ingg yours?! Pretty sad that you guys are making your family members terrified and making them lose there freedom!You are honestly willing on losing your loved ones that gave you life and supported you since the day you were born! Just don’t regret the moment you see your parents or children in a coffin because there are where they at because of you! #stopthisviolence

  14. f&100rollin

    Y’all guys stupid keep that ish on the west side

  15. f;100rollin

    We k-ingg guys this way HK 100k

  16. Your life matters!

    to all my lost brothers

    Open your eyes so you can see who the real enemy is! The war is against us, not amongst us! Or think about the innocent lives, those are the people that’s gone suffer from all or this. You guys know when to run, duck and stay out the way. People who got nothing to do with this will be the victims. And if you still don’t care, think about your own families, they need you here with them not in a cemetery or a jail cell. Stop this ish! We want peace in these streets!!

    A sad sister,

  17. God Help Them

    Lord Please help these individuals and guide them in their path. Lord you said “all knees shall bow and confess your name” I ask that you mend these peoples heart because the devil is here and he is lying, k-ingg, and destroying civilization. Protect these individuals families, friends, and blankociates. Lord you are able and you are awesome. Thank you for blessing me and my family and loved ones. In Jesus Precious Name I pray Amen.

  18. Dont believe the hype

    I dont believe the folks yelling out is even gang members.. Yaw portraying this bs gang member ish.. When yaw probably undercovers doing this ish.. Straight up.. Yaw not outting real names or even hood names to state who u are…if u was bout it bout it.. U wouldnt gaf.. But apparently yaw some cowards and bustalinios.. Hiding behind social media.. Anywhoo… Yaw do what yaw do… Satan time is running. Out so he taking alot of yaw with him.

  19. R-Rocc

    To:Everybody on here thats stating they are from Raymond! Get out others Biz! The Raymonds Are NOT ROLLIN 100S!!Keep up tjis ish and you will Be held accountable! !try your hand and see!!

  20. Tameka

    Ignorance at it’s Best!!!! Praying for you all…

  21. Ahoova concerned mom

    How about they take all you fing dummies,including my dum blank son ,to a big field and let y’all go to war.. Then you can only k each other and nobody granny has to die cause if you idiots k my Momma you gone start a war e real war,like nuclear type ish.,

  22. Ahoova concerned mom

    All y’all need to watch the documentary whited out,it’s on YouTube,,.When Yah come back to reclaim what’s his every single last one of you will be begging and pleading to return home with him….you will burn in eternal fire…if you watch 10seconds of it just think of what you doing….black people were the first on this earth we were whited out through history to think we don’t matter.think about y r we the most disliked race ….better wake up when he come it’s nothing you can do should’ve been right

  23. Ahoova concerned mom

    All y’all need to watch the documentary whited out,it’s on YouTube,,.When Yah come back to reclaim what’s his every single last one of you will be begging and pleading to return home with him….you will burn in eternal fire…if you watch 10seconds of it just think of what you doing….black people were the first on this earth we were whited out through history to think we don’t matter.think about y r we the most disliked race ….better wake up when he come it’s nothing you can do should’ve been right..,,

    Whited out the documentary

  24. A Black Mother

    Reading this just put so much fear in my heart. I pray everyday my son doesn’t get hit by one of these ignorant people’s bullets. It’s so sad that I have to constantly tell my son to watch out most for the people who look like him. Their his biggest threat. It doesn’t even matter that’s he’s not in a gang. He’s black and to a black gang member that’s all they need to know.

    • diamondprincess

      Yes this is soooo sad these young men growing up need their fathers but y’all willing to leave out of their lives for the a beef that makes no sense at all…may God have mercy on all your souls

  25. concerned mom

    Whited out documentary go watch it on YouTube


    If you really read what the hoovers supposedly said you would see that it has to be fake. There are hardly any Ks the Os are still there.THIS HAS TO BE SOMEONE TRYING TO START SOMETHING THAT DOESNT EVEN NEED TO BE STARTED. JUST READ IT NOTHING ABOUT WHAT THEY SAID EVEN REFLECTS HOW ANYBODY FROM HOOVER TALKS

  27. Streetsmart

    Lame as busterz blacks k-ingg blacks for nothing you ain’t getting ish out of it…ya wana be gangsters el Capone was a real one f all these other to scared to get a beat down by the next man…they scared. To come out throw some punches. .why they family gotta get it ..go get down with punches chick as scary as guys

  28. EBK

    Ok ! Now since we all in the phone banging what 1+1 ? But it like back in the 90s ! Ig all are ogs get out are we going k them to? Mmm.

  29. EBK

    Like my wife just told me ! You miggas not no ker be cuz yall on here take about it! But time go hope in car with k!

    • Peaches n Cream

      U do know that there are simple applications that instantaneously divulge your IP address and interprets into a physical address???

  30. ABeautifulBlackQueen

    This shyt stupid???? only person should b in control of human life is god!!! Yall really need to stop like frfr we the only race tht goes after our own people United we stand divided we fall… Even in the pen every race puts there differences aside and stick together yall guys is weird and to the KKK yall some marks hiding behind capes n shyt yall need to take yall several seats too… Off this????????????????????????

  31. H74VERZ

    f Trollins and KP. We gonna k yo momma. Dem Raymond Ave guys gonna get a few drive bys too… CK RACK

    • yallextralame

      You a fraud guy hoovas don’t use ck foo yo whole lil wording is all fed up internet banger for attention

    • 13K Westside n

      you guys never gone get it WHY TF ARE YOU guyS POLITICIN OVER DUMB blank ish, go k them fin wets & police thats tryna push blacks outta southern california you guys is helpin them
      most of you guys only do ish to get yo mame heard why dont you do somethin beneficial to blacks, if you gobe root for yo hood to k enemies dont open you dumb blank mouth & complain when the pigs or donks k a black person who you prolly woulda ked anyway

      • Positivity

        Question: So even though I am an education African American woman. I pay my taxes, I obey the law. I am just living my life and working. You believe that I am an ape and I deserve to die? Is that correct?

  32. west


  33. Confused

    Ignorance is a sad ???? sad ???? thing !! k-ingg ever a street our door is soooo stupid! May God have mercy on all this ignorance!! #alllivesmatter

  34. Sassybri

    Clearly your a weirdo ole internet banger get a fkn life

  35. I Care


    • DUDE

      “H74VERZ f KP and f peace”, The black Panthers were more organized and consisted of more crazy ex militants but they looked out for the black race to build up. Not tear down like you clowns are doing. That is why the police nearly whipped them out of existence. Police/Law enforcement agencies and military/special forces, could do the exact same to all black gang organizations regardless of how big you’ve grown. But they won’t because they sit back and happily watch you dumb fs k off your own race. Wake up get a clue foo.

    • I SEE YOU

      You need to let another officer takeover. Your diction, spelling, and punctuation is a waaaaaaay to advanced to be believable. You even put in in an essay format, where they do that at???

      • You Trippn

        so you sayin that gangbangers are all stupid and can’t type proper?… lmfao

      • I Care


    • You sound like cop

      He is the police^^^^^^^only cops saying stupid ish like that. … all these so called gangbang on here are cops. …fing lames…. I hope yall not falling for this smh

  36. concerned mom

    This is sad innocent people are Dying for streets they don’t even own, you are doing exactly what they want you to do,Please stop being sheep

  37. Positivity

    So is your problem with all African Americans or specifically “guys”? There is a difference. Please pull out a dictionary or feel free to utilize Google to gain a better understanding. By definition you are a “guy”. I am African American, educated, and proud. I am far from a “guy”. You on the other hand should really take a good look in the mirror before making radical comments such as the one above. If you had you would understand that you are against yourself. By definition being a “guy”, has nothing to do with race, it has to do with ignorance. You need to understand the words of your own blatantly racist, ignorant, and stereotypical comments before posting. Your ignorance is attempting to promote the genocide of even yourself. Now is that wise. Since I am not a “guy” I’m not worried, but you should be.

  38. Positivity

    Question: So despite me being an educated, successful, law abiding African-American citizen, you believe that I am an ape that I deserve to die? Is that correct?

  39. Anonymously ex hood

    How about instead of beefing about whose hood you claim or gunning down each other or starting a 100 days 100 nights movement we start a unity movement f all gangs because in reality we are all the same color on the inside we are threaded from the same cloth why k each other because they wear a different color k someone for k-ingg for a better reason than hood otherwise it’s just plain stupid. As if our black people have enough time with dirty cops now you gotta worry about stepping out the house without getting shot our kids are our future yet they get gunned down everyday 7 out of 10 people get ked in LA a day times that by 365 and then times it from when LA gangs were invented by tookie then tell me was it worth it or instead of head to head 1 on 1 you gotta jump people or pull a gun out like a .P as guy then call yourself a real man u a real .P if you ask me but let me stop talk is cheap nobodies listening when the president declares marshal law your gunnar wish we all united I have nothing but love for my people but you have to love yourself first

  40. Sad 4 you all

    When will you gangsters stop being stereotypes! U realize this k-ingg mentality is what keeps u in down. Why not use your smarts for good! Stand up, be men, take pride in your community, stop k-ingg people! !! It’s unnecessary and stupid.

  41. diamondprincess

    My God have mercy on all your souls

  42. DD

    You do now you are a part of the problem-this group, right? On one hand, a decent black woman such as myself has to see a neighborhood get tore up, and witness innocent families be torn apart due to the violent, ghetto acting blacks, then, on the other hand, I see the white-washed, embarrblankments like yourself. Then, you’re blaming this on black women? These are mainly males acting like this? lol

  43. Bigg Dee

    Them snoovas talk a lot of ish but what really happen when the south Los wiped out the 112 them dude moved to Hawthorne apartment the ones that lived. Lol

  44. Let Us Live

    I just wanna know what gang member use punctuation and proper grammar while trying to trip smh please pay attention clearly its just THEM trying to keep you guys at war

  45. Lynne

    You need to watch ID channel and see how your people k family, husbands, wives, children all for money. Kids k parents simply because they can’t have their way or can’t date the thug(comes in all races). Husbands and wives k each other to be with some one else or for money. And you trust fund kids that are so greedy you k your parents for the money. You fast women k your kids to get them out of the way. You are serial ker in the worst way. You screw your family members(Cousins all then time) like it’s nothing. You molest family members. Should I go on n because you know your people. Some of you are just Blue Eyed Devils!! and you think you are so perfect but your not. If any one needs to be swept of the earth it’s you and people that think like you.

  46. Lynne

    Oh read about the Bender family just ked your people for know reason.
    Oh and why do you guys have to go on shooting rampages movie theatres, churches, marathons, schools. Are you guys just crazy or what.


    I am currently hunting in the South Los Angeles area, they are knpwn to wear blue, red and orange bandanas. I am tryibg to capture a few of them ali e so we can study their lives up close, but this is difficult since Urban Apes are quite savage.

    Me and our team have set up a few traps with bananas, watermelons and grape juice but these Urban Apes have all gotten away. Next we want to tranqualize them, we hope to capture at least 14 of these Urban Apes. Hopefully we can learn a lot bystudying them so we can finally discover why they are so savage.

    As far as we know there are three species of these Urban Black Apes:
    1) Crips
    2) Bloods
    3) Hoovers

  48. wow

    the media took one thing n blew it out of proportion. there was no bet or any of that mess.the 100days 100nights is simply saying we will never piece with them.things could have easily been resolved by a simple fight in the you can research and see the Rollin 100s have no problem welcoming you to a friendly everyone is frighten? why wasnt there an outburst when everyone was yelling playball? now that everybody is on the field the audience dont want to see the game continue. there will be no muscling the 100s ! !!

  49. wow

    the media took one thing n blew it out of proportion. 100days 100nights is simply saying we will never piece with them.things could have easily been resolved by a simple fight in the you can research and see the Rollin 100s have no problem welcoming you to a friendly everyone is frighten? why wasnt there an outburst when everyone was yelling playball? now that everybody is on the field the audience dont want to see the game continue. there will be no muscling 100s ! !!

    • Whooooop

      Get your grammar together and learn the difference between then and than and maybe someone might take you serious

  50. EBK

    I just was reading everything! Now I driving every day ! Been to a lot ppl hood! Talk to lot ppl! If we not going play ball! What are we going do as black! But as my homiea stand down! But to everyone who l
    Have loved one gone rip!

  51. f 52 pu3blo slobs

    fbk 52 rankN BISHOP BLubkd fk holmes st fBK YU HUUD BKbk yall got cambodian s takn over bk

  52. Ashamed Black Guy

    I grew up in South Central and i see a lot, about 90% of black people in South Central have an ignorant ghetto mentality.

    Last week i was at the Slauson Super Mall and some ghetto blank black teen attempted to shop lift and run off, he was caught and then pulled out a knife at security and attempted to stab security while yelling “Neighborhood Crip guy”. It took five security guys to cuff this teen.

    Everywhere I look I see a crack head wandering the streets. Hookers are running wild, even Transexual Hookers are seen on the street.

    South Central L.A is a complete mess.

    So called Black leaders like Al Sharpton only show their face when White People are the ones doing the k-ingg. Where is the real justice?…

  53. NO Name

    So much for “Black lives Matter” Hypocrites! Or is it “Black LIES Matter!”

  54. NO Name

    So much for”Black Lives (Lies) matter”

  55. 52 pu3blo slobs


  56. Rxllin 100 Blxc monsta

    We drop shkit wya snuchies oh forgot dead lxl wat u wana do dying breed

  57. shame

    A gov informant ked him i bet. With Jade Helm and all this other ish going on i wouldn’t be surprised. It’s all about divide and concur because they know if we all unified together it’s over for the gov. PEOPLE ARE TOO DAMN IGNORANT TO READ BEHIND THE LINES. PUT DOWN THE GUNS FOR A SEC AND GO READ A DAMN BOOK ON YOUR HISTORY AND YOU WOULD KNOW WHO THE TRUE ENEMIES ARE. IT’S PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT HAVE HAD WAY HARDER LIVES THEN THE GANG MEMBERS BUT DO YOU SEE THEM BEING A VICTIM BY JOINING A GANG? NOPE!

  58. Vanessa Guerrero- Velasques

    this ish is crazy it will never get better

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