Original Inglewood Crips

The Inglewood Crips were a predominately African-American street gang that formed around 1972. One of its early leaders was Mike Christian who later became a success professional bodybuilder.

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  2. Lester" Danny- Boy aka Crip Dog" Grant

    Former member of Inglewood Gangster Crips active 1972-1978. Living arrangements 1974 through 1980. Institution’s YTS, Chino, Vacaville, Tehachapi, San Quentin, Soledad Central released1980 to Los Angeles California. Relocated to San Jose, CA. Awards Achievements,and Accomplishments: 1989 Guess speaker ( Youth’s At Risk ) black fraternity at Santa Clara University, employee of the year 2000 O’Connor Hospital, facility chef Holiday retirement corporation 2002 these are the accomplishments I’ve made once I was released from the department of corrections in the state of California. All things are possible with a Positive mindset order, structure, stability and integrity.I wanted to share that. Don’t ever give up.

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