Asian Boyz Crips, Eastside (ABZ)

Asian Boyz Crips, Eastside (ABZ)

44 Comments for “Asian Boyz Crips, Eastside (ABZ)”

    • Zoooogang

      I blank with Asian boys

    • GeeCee

      Ghetto boys needa be careful they tryna start a hood in LONGBEACH lol there gonna have problems either by longos 20s insane or Asian boyz I name those 4 hoods cause there really active and out there in longbeach those the real eastsidaz

    • GeeCee

      I give it up to them EASTSIDE ASIAN BOYZ in long beach straight south east asian ryders they dropped a barrio pobre right there on pch and Anaheim next day lit up a longo house right on hoffman and lit up a trg complex the same day

    • crip

      f a nippK f a nippK f a nippK f a nippK f a nippK f a nippK f a nippK f a nippK

    • WSLX3


    • ABZ

      I dont like LAZYSLOBS don’t come near poly its a no SLOB zone


      this is too funny this chongo got caught false claimin insanes here then on the sos page pretendin to be trg check his pic they must be servin yo ass really good out there OTHERS CAR BABY f A RACIST ASS DONKEY IF U AINT RACIST U AINT A DONKEY


        (ORIENTAL LAZY BLOODZ) you guys should have more self respect why you claiming something black we should start our own thing and have Asian pride

  1. Steady

    E’yo les mec y-am French, Crips 4 life !

  2. slob187

    i walked by aNd saw some crip taGsneaR dA liQUor stoRE……

  3. slob187

    bgirls get da fattest props from the c doGS

  4. slob187

    cake ice cream and underage drinKINg

  5. slob187

    salinas 7 layer burritos and waTER……

  6. yh

    me n 4 my homies pressd like 15 asain boyz tryna get crazt, calld us chickes cuz we had boards sow e dropppd em n then they biggest homie pickd muyboard up hit me n i knock his chick ass. .we pucshed em all the way to the old pacific theathres by lakewood mall.. theem youngsters were weenies tryana bang alle gt moped up..but i wnlie the og’s wit da func!

  7. MP Wah ching

    Mpk WC chickes! Come to my town…if you dare!

    I used to f this girl from poly in ’95. Ab are chickes

  8. rtclbc

    tiny d#$k kaaaaaaaaaaa ching chong chang Ni66ah use lame smart foos
    i be F#@Ken dem asian girls but sum dem chickezz cant handle ma d#$k ya herdddd then i blow in dey face hahahaha smart foos asian boy k tiny d#$k kaaaa smart asianns

  9. rtclbc

    tiny d#$k kaaaaaaaaaaa ching chong chang Ni66ah use lame smart foos
    i be F#@Ken dem asian girls but sum dem chickezz cant handle ma d#$k ya herdddd then i blow in dey face hahahaha smart foos asian boy k tiny d#$k kaaaa smart asiannss

  10. ASIAN TOYZ Fake Crips

    ABZ are Crips? LMFAO… A few months ago I was in East Long Beach and saw a skinny Asian guy at the store wearing a blue rag on the right side of his pants, with corn rolls, a fake grill and kept saying “Cuz”… It was pure comedy, you Asians can’t fit in anywhere huh?…. After the skinny Asian left the store, I heard him yell out “ABZ Crippin world wide” as he walked off… I wanted to laugh so bad but I was mostly shocked at how smart that clown was.
    Why can’t Asians stick to playing chess and not try to Gang Bang? and if they do Gang Bang, why are Asians trying to be Black?…

    • GeeCee

      Making your own stories up lol hating on ryders

    • A'zGAnG

      You lying like a mutha I dont likea U seeing ish. None of the homies sportin cornrolls right now and none of the homies willl say ABZ worldwide haha and none of the homies will ever were a rag on the right side or they get checced. Lying ass chick u a imposter tryna make the hood look bad! Proly a white boy from beverly hills Ni66ah this ASIANbKOYZ the gAng ridin SEA disliked by many respeCted by All . LB ABZ

  11. A'zGAnG

    U a imposter u wasnt in my city on A GAng. What street what store you at? None of the homiez from my hood act like that. U smoking ish cuz u seeing ish chick ass Ni66ah. EAST 2 NORTH S.E.A gang LXONG BXEACH

  12. Or15ntal Nation

    That same Ni66ah hatin on all Khmer gangs blood. He on the olb n trg page actin like a good ol hood rat. A Khmer must’ve took his chick or something coz he definitly mad. Lol fin Twinkie.

  13. 126 gAng

    I dont like u fraud ass twinkyK u talking out yo necc wit all that rara ish dissin the h15d and my people if u from the bkeac1h then u already know where we stay at so slide through wit that tough talk in person chick made ass mark A’zzz

  14. MILO

    hey you asians need to get tongan crip gang away from my black people as soon as possible a mother fer named big david from TCG thought it would be cool to show off to a white dude named josh brown by throwing a brick at my living room window with a peice of paper taped to it with a message that said “f Ni66ahs” but it was spelled f nickers but i knew what a dumb mother fer meant to say to me so all you negro gangster crips that read this message back me up my name is milo from eucalyptus mob crips 118th st get those damn TCG mother fers away from our black people and for you asian crips that gang bang get TCG to kick it with you mother fers and ish, i dont want TCG around my black people , i would rather wah ching be around my black people then TCG

  15. ExstSideLongosX3

    f crabsK all crabsK. f these fake ass ApplechickeZ Crabs. That foo lil trigger got caught slippin and I see that foo be hella bookin it like runnin do his life. Didn’t even pull out a strap or nothin you know. f that foo pop off too and smart shadow. That foo lil boy be ___ as f too always runnin away n ish
    ESL X3 f all crabs. L^ong Beaxh esee
    f insane a too

  16. EvilSideTRVSKVLG

    Ahahaha heard this foo shadow tripped out doing that speed in county up in north and acted like a straight chick. Heard this foo went back to the towers and wore them yellows. What a disgrace to yo hood foo. fing that foo shadow thought Ni66ahs n ese were tryna murk him. What a straight chick Lmfao.
    f Apples this big bad Evil Side T1NY RVSKVL GVNG LBCk 7126 foo

    • Eastsideornoside

      All roaches stay rankin out in the beach quit lying and hiding I dont like Chongo I dont like tall boy I dont like roaches I dont like that busta shotgun lmao y’all niccuhs is markz

  17. SEA gAng

    Stop talking ish and show face I dont likeing roachez. EASt Side Lkong BkeAC1h AsiAn BkoyZ 126 C1rip gAng. I dont like A roAch!!! A’z up to all my Ni66ah’z and k’z Cuhhz
    Cee RkoAChes In Piss

  18. WestWest1226

    West West. This West Side Asian BoyZ gAng Cxips 1. 1.2.26 on top of $GV. Shout out to thA EAst and Noxth Side ABZ. I dont like a rkoach. I dont like Whiney Crybabyz. I dont like HoeSideGirlz. I dont like chickezN___z. I dont like All enemies. This AS1AN BOYZ 1226 CXIP GANG CUHZ

  19. ABZ most wanted!!!

    Az up til the dayz up!!! I dont like chongo and I dont like all them Ni66ahz thats hatin on the set!! catch me on cambodiatown!!! guarantee that i stay coasted!!!

  20. D2E Foo

    im chilling here on the westside BUSTahs 213 LA D2e.. ff CLs bunch of cacas

  21. GBOYS

    Getto boys gang!

  22. kushiebae

    im black i think these asian boyz are sexy and i wish i could date one:)

  23. 200blk ecc

    I dont like RASIN’S . YOU fartGS IS JOKES

  24. Sleepy

    ebK Barrio 18th esLB

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