East Side Ridaz, 59

East Side Ridaz, 59

6 Comments for “East Side Ridaz, 59”

  1. These guys dont got a hood where do ya live in warehouses

  2. Young Dang3rouS Livin bKa bKg Crip Fac3 Gangsta

    Wat that E like RC, Ridah Crip ain’t played out guy, its East Side Ridah Crip Gangsta Crip on mines we out here tuff on the East Side of Denver so to the guys that dont no it’s Ridah Crip on mines and we out here Ridahs up E’z and 3’z

  3. jR0c

    Nah guy ! this Ws Riders 104th st X pL. yoUNG jrOCsTA sAid it

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