88 Avalon Gardens Crips in South LA

Avalon Gardens projects in 1948

Avalon Gardens projects in 1948

Eastside Avalon Gardens Crips [AGC, 88 AGC, E/S AGC] are a predominately African-American street gang located in the Avalon Gardens Housing Projects built and administered by the City of Los Angeles. The projects were built in 1941 at the cost of $638,000 during World War II for “war workers” but by 1947, the housing projects were open to low income residents. Since there was a significant waiting list to get into the newly built homes, it was not until the 1950s that the residents went from military families to low-income families.

By 1971, Jimel Barnes who was a member of the Eastside Crips with Raymond Washington and Craig Craddock, decided to start his own Crip set in the Avalon Gardens where he resided. Barnes had a conflict with members of a nearby gang called the Walnuts and was shot around 1971.

The Avalon Gardens Crips, along with the Four Tray Crips and the Grandee Crips in Compton are among the first Crips gangs to splinter off of the original Crips structure of the Eastside, Westside and Compton Crips.

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