Kitchen Crips, 95

95 Kitchen Crips

Kitchen Crips

20 Comments for “Kitchen Crips, 95”

  1. aint no 95 chiccenz 87kcgk 116kcgk


  3. C-ROKC

    lil man probably a punk ass toast nikca

  4. Rider kitchen

    First of all there is no such thing as 95 kitchen only 87 116 whoever started this 95 ish is an imposter. We are thee oldest crip set period b4 ec or any other hood

  5. K-Chill

    87 Is the OG set 1971,then 116.CAC and KCG got a KCAC THANG..7mins….

  6. Russell

    Can anyone tell me if Grape street and Kitchen Crips get along or do they not like eachother?

    • Ray Ray

      We(87 ESKCG) Got Love for Grape’s..95 was our Allies 95.7 CAC so close the History Books See us as 1 Clikc which was KCAC that’s where 95 came from .
      Kitchen History from O/G Ray-Ray1

  7. Q102ECC

    Wheres kitchen lou at from 87kcg??? That was my loc.

  8. E.S Kitchen Crips 87×116

    If theirs any pkroblems meet me at Bko-Bkos…

  9. Baby Bingo 87 kcg

    87 kitchen in seattle

    • K Stone

      Kitchen MO bring it to Tennessee Memphis Nashville Columbia Mount Pleasant Knoxville KUZ deep down here( K.I.P OGLUNCHMEAT87) #Lunchmeattuff KITCHEN87 ESKC87 Kup

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