East Side Players, 97

East Side Players, 97

9 Comments for “East Side Players, 97”

  1. damU

    guyz wuz lugged out and raw on dat k rapist set chump

  2. damU

    kidZ was filing old porch slave songs and shhhhh…..so hard eatin chicken….kids wus bumpin dat murda murda redrum songs like flossin watermelon…..aint no crusty rerunS….handicapped parking available dun….doez stunts were like we rizin….maniacs on dat loose dead end sET……

  3. damU

    clickin wyte chicks…..

  4. damU

    dat guy was still swingin near liquor sets were no tats were floSSIN…..

  5. damU

    u dont evun c a street jam flossin & rest wid a drum machine..pure fly old timas..no set no rap and definitely no guys here…so boroke + duMB….k wherez ur mics kidd…..yo not even a print out….all ll cool j ed kiD….still 90’s????

  6. damU

    all u c is x drug out handouts

  7. damU

    sumetin about aunt jeamimi hittin fo da negro wrestling games

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