The Original East Side Crips by Raymond Washington

The Original Eastside Crips were formed by Raymond Washington at some point during late 1969 shortly after he was banished from Criag Monson’s gang, The Avenues, after a dispute that occurred in Donnie Boy’s garage. At the time of the Eastside Crip’s formation, Washington’s mother lived on 76th Street & Wadsworth, and that ESC identity started in the surrounding community and by 1970 the group began to solidify and grow on the Eastside of Los Angeles.

By 1971 this new Crips identity began to to form in other neighborhoods on the Eastside with the introduction of the Forty-Third Street Crips and the Avalon Gardens Crips.

Original members of East Side Crips

  1. James “Lil James” Compton
  2. Craig Cradduck (1954 – 1972)
  3. Elvis Dexter
  4. No 1
  5. Alden Jones
  6. Thomas Lillard
  7. Raymond Lee Washington (1953 – 1979)
  8. Mad Bull
  9. Psycho Mike
  10. Ecky

1 Comment for “The Original East Side Crips by Raymond Washington”

  1. Richard James White Lance

    I lead the East side crips now

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