Neighbor Hood Crips, Lynwood

Neighbor Hood Crips, Lynwood

24 Comments for “Neighbor Hood Crips, Lynwood”

  1. J Capone

    Had a couple down cats from this hood as friends

  2. J Capone

    East Side Duccy Hood Compton Crip

  3. OG SIR LIL LUck

    Much Love to the old heads pre 80’s babies ..The Bowl. bakenhall all that…

  4. Charlie Mac

    A i wanna give a shout out to my guys from this hood .

    Wat up Scooby Loc, dOg , and BABY DEVO… wats good guys

  5. M Dizzle

    Nayborhood stooooopid 4s up tops

  6. I dont like napps ….all sroolinks NAPPK NASHINK

  7. nutt42

    i’m not even goin to say naps. Lynwood Neighborhood is not even a real Neighborhood Crip gang. yah is a cheap blank knocc off of those L.A. Neighborhoods. wanna fit in and ish, be accepted by certain South Central hoods, and any other hoods that like Neighborhood. thats how it works, succin that L.A. dicc and gettin that nap love. thats a damn shame. since you guys are not real naps, you will be call fake naps. damn, didn,t yah guys use to be pirus. thats comin straight out dat Lynwood Pope St. vault

    • Mike

      Naw mr. poop st. pirus ran bacc to lueders park or where ever the I dont like they came from when the big NHC gang landed on the map dum blank.. Get ur history right bfoe u and ur scary blank wanna be gang speak on some hood ish mark. Beside poop .st not even on the map, yall sharing hoods with the young crowds , mexicans runnin yall punk blankes.

      • Li'l T Bone42

        Hahaha… Cuz F Napps guy. Lwd PSTxC. It don’t stop. Who scared of ya’ll cuz and who wanna be’s. We on the map, but yeah our most disliked enemy w42d speak on the set like that. All yo Gee homies are original Pirus. f Lil Mal lil k9 Sneak Sinbad Scar Face and all the rest of yo dead blank homies. We put it down on ya’ll guyz from the start. Especially my OBG big homies. That’s why ya’ll guyz hang out in backyards and ish. See the homies on the yard and wave the white flag like that guy D Vo and that smoked out guy Pool Stick. Shout out to all my POGx211 homies. Li’l T Bone and Baby S Dogg said it.

      • Kill kill

        guy you need to be re educated on your own set history napp. Ya’ll guys came out in 1978 as piru’s not Crips. Pope St hustlers and Palm n oak Pine are the original Lynwood Crips. I’m from Pope St guy, originated in 1975. Ya’ll guy sharing a area with those ss lwd guyz. Ya’ll guyz always been gettin smashed on since day 1. Get yo facts straight loc. Ya’ll guy recruit nothing but busters and snitches over there. chick blank guys got on the stand against my homie S Dogg. Keep it real. Pope don’t share ish guy. Young Crowd is there own organization, deal with them and stop crying about war games. That’s what ya’ll guys are known fo anyway. Handle yo own beef. In 1992 ya’ll wanted to click up wit us to go against them cuz ya’ll was gettin smashed on cuz. I dont like all napps. Pope St gang. Big k k

        • Mike

          k k frum poop.. guy ain’t nobody even heard of your washed up blank crip .. every real solliver from the streets knows the truth about how the Hood ran u guys and fed all yall raggedy blank chickes own NH guy.. Got all these new generation blank guys thinking yall put in so much work , cuzz yall bustas are weak as F, picture Cripn.. Neighborhood

  8. Wee3 from TE

    f napps chick Lynkwood 211 cr1m1nkal gang 11400 spruce stree lnhck thck esk capk

  9. real1

    I dont like 211k and I dont like lnhk I I dont likes wit my pope st guys and my palm & oak guys though eastside crippin! CpkCC 118-126 Pk Bk I dont like lynwood and CompKton liverus and wets!

  10. Big E Dogg

    Yall no the Bi naps.use to be c.a.p in the 80,s that why
    G homies don’t beef in the pen

  11. tiny murdoc

    30S- 100S WCNHC

  12. tg gunk ho

    blankc napps its a easide LynKw42d thank ol mark blank nkiggas y’all napps ain’t nkva out east side lilend crop I blankc with 211cg Pogc blankc napps cuhh



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