Twilight Zone Crips 110

110th Street Twilight Zone Crips are a predominately Black street gang located in the Southern section of Los Angeles between Broadway & Avalon. There is another separate Twilight Zone set from Compton.

12 Comments for “Twilight Zone Crips 110”

  1. lankdogg4ch

    They should have squashed the beef with the Broadways. They may still have a hood. I haven’t seen a tzc in a cool minute .

  2. Lefty Lowcc2

    I dont like Gumz aint no poeace 2 all u chick guys its da lowcc on Zone Gang!

    • BR112WAYGC

      I dont like FLEA ZONES & your right ain’t no peace treaty on this cuz all y’all flea zones gone
      get it & that’s on BR112WAYGC

  3. BR112WAYGC

    W/S BR112WAYGC tzk ecck dlk nhk hk bsk ANYBODY WHO WANT IT k

    20s-100s bashin 1-190k


    • Willie davis

      Fugck gums y’all guyz is hxxks! On the set

    • Willie davis

      Fugck gums all guyz is hxxks! On the set

    • ec76shady80

      f bubble gumsk u fart blank guy thats why we smash on u trick blank guys yall nothin but some chickes i laugh at u and yo dead homiesk

      • BR112WAY

        On WAYZ I ain’t worrying aye bout yo toast blank cuz I dont like TOAST & YALL DEAD HOMIES ON BR112WAY WE STAY SMASHING ON THA TOAST BEST BELIEVE THAT.

        • Blue_Face_100

          Watch Yo Mouth chick blank guy I dont like Bubble Gums k BGCK 52K You Herd What He Said Get Yall Numbers Up Then Talk ish Cuz Now We Knoccn A Deep Hole In Yall blank ECC NHBC THC FK SMASHIN GK 3K HK CK BK PK

  4. hustler crippin

    like the homie frm 4 corner hustla said. them guyz aint been seen on main since da bkeef started wit dem and the bgc’s. ….. thats one bkeef that should hav bkeen squashed…. maybk they still would have a hood…..

  5. Tr3y 5 SevenC0D3300blk

    6efore I left kCali I heard the Bgc ran a bunch them coi’s off. 6uts it been a minute since i’ve been out there.


    I dont like gumz bustaz and who ever else the set is still the set on TZCG 110

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