West Blvd Crips

The West Blvd Crips are a predominately African-American street gang located in the West Adams section of South Los Angeles.

Deceased members

  1. Lil Gee
  2. Lil Vee
  3. Cike
  4. Chu Chu
  5. Lil Gee
  6. Ghost

46 Comments for “West Blvd Crips”

  1. Ace

    These guyz weak

    • west2x

      guys hating on the squad but can’t nobdy say nothing about the squad. We like one the of smallest hoods in area size but got the realist guys. We turn up ish. We known for having money. We be in the hood. We havent lost a war yet. We dont run from nobody like alot of these other hoods yall wanna call hoods. guys clique up wit us. All our guys stay on n crppin
      WIP TO ALL MY LOCs.. W28d

  2. spank


  3. wess bully

    F stains n twinkies wess angeles wess boulevard crip gang2x 28st 64st bk pk 3k

  4. Lil BK

    64/28 west blvd crip gang

  5. Lil bkash from Rancho parque18

    West up to the west bK’s!

  6. Lil BK

    Always bully the dime gang 64st/28st u do the math

  7. Ronronmarks

    Any body know dough boy who resting rite know from WBC 28st his name is Robert Galloway he would of been 45 yrs old know

  8. Push

    WESST HAPPENIN HAD MARK OUT SOME STAINZ N GUNDENA THA OTHER NITE……guyZ KNO WHAT IT IS 2X’S from 26 27 28 29th street we on weeeeeest up to my guy Lil J Stain zeek brit.


    biggka on bully crip I dont like slobs 28th st west adams tiny locs 2WBCG8

  10. Original Ducebigaloo

    You guy’s don’t turn nothing up…you guys are scary blank marks thats on VSLC guy. The original Blvd Crips are from north long beach, you guys are copy-cats crips. Most crip set have never e en heard of you guys. Plus, ya’ll got rat blank informates working for the feds and putting guys away for life. You testified on two Rollin 60’s who is sitting in Colorado prison for the rest of their lives. Thanks to your homie Marquis Medina and his chick Latosha Black.These mother fas are foul and are keep aways.

  11. Original Ducebigaloo

    I dont like the West Boulevards for haboring informates, you marks ain’t crippin ya’llsnitching. So get on your knees and succ all the Rollin 60’s Crips d#$k!!! Mark blank “Weak chick Clan” Thats right stop claiming crip.

  12. CKKKKK

    F buckets !
    Yall guys some.faketten.lovers

  13. PLASMA

    West boo boo’s are a joke just like the scraps . Yall hood will soon belong to the STONES …. whats left of it

  14. Adams Boy

    Aye cuhzz y’all stains been talkin bout taking the turf since the 90’s….and y’all ain’t even managed 2 snatch the Vic Cuhzz so keep dreaming….how’s revs eye healed up….tell work that jab next time sticc and move LoL2x’s

  15. police

    That’s right you smart ngs keep k-ingg eachother, back in the 60s when you were United we did all the k-ingg, now your doing it for us! We can just sit back and enjoy the show, dumb Nrs k-ingg other dumb Nrs over the neighborhoods we blankigned them to!! I love it, keep up the good work

  16. master raz

    west up harlem 30…G BOY AND LIL MONEY is CRIP in peace cuz…THEY been gone for a minute and you know how this ish go..see no evil… hear no evil…yeah TOBIAS was cool…I rememba when he use to hang out at the park where cedric big skip lamont light skin Kenny and all them played basketball…TOBIAS was a YOUNG HUSTLA before he and all his peeps hooked up with the WEST BLVDS in the late*80s AND 90S…HE use to always ask if I had spray paint cuzz he like to hit up in the hood and other fools hoods…AINT SEEN HIM INABOUT 25 years tho.h

    • HARLEM30

      Good looking out Mastet Raz G boy was my nig I remember the Young Hustlerz they use to beef with the victoria st hustlers which were bloods

  17. master raz

    west up infant sadcat…you related to og sadcat ..big drake lil doss and de locs peeps…aint seen sadcat in 30 YEARS…

  18. lil speedy

    @master tax I knew Lil money also. Rip. I forgot he was resting. #stories #memories. 2xx Boss Up

  19. Dbo Locc

    West up to my guys Diab Chicc Ricc Drunk Eyez feds cant hold a guy foeva

  20. Bandit MLS13

    f a bucketK V.MLS13 BYG and f Harlem too!! And faketeen marijuanos taking over your hood fir and view all day and palm grove and Adams at the park and everything I’m on 3rd ave and 37th all day 3705 burnered up with the homies 30k wbck 18k atck pbsk

  21. PEAKE ST


  22. BkabyToomuch2x

    AyyyaSayyyya ??

  23. Plasma-Dogg

    West boo-boo’s are miscellaneous and always have been. Non factors 4 sho. BPS BL21DS !!

  24. TinyS MFG3x WLA ggk wbk

    On Mansfield gangstas the lil homie.from PBGC let y’all have it the other night on vineyard then doubled bacc y’all thought it was the stains haha they done wit y’all he was huntin for the queers since y’all love em..haha MFxPBg’s movin~~~~~>3x WLA TS4 ggk slk wbk..on the set …

  25. Wtf?

    Go some where with your weird @ss..you on every post talking about some fraud s#it. 60s too busy getting money..you have too much time on your hands .claiming Florence and the saying you from 60s…trying to start a race riot..get a life wierdo



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