Original Westside Crips of South Los Angeles

The Westside Crips were a predominately African-American street gang that formed around 1970 or 1971 in the area just west of Vermont Avenue from approximately Gage Avenue (north) to Imperial Highway (south). The two main areas of the Westside Crips was the community around Washington High School on Denker Avenue in an area commonly referred to as “The 100s” and the area around St. Andrews Park off Manchester.

Many of the first generation Westside Crips were already socializing together as a group in 1968 at St. Andrews Park. Those guys included, Donald “Sweetback” Archie (b. 1954), Freddy Hatchet, Judson Bacot (b. 1949), Bobby “Big Bob” Crear (b. 1951-2019), Ricardo “Bub” Simms (b. 1954-1987), James “Cuzz” Cunningham, Stanley “Tookie” Williams (1953-2005), Adam Harrison, Erskine “Mad Dog” Jones and Rickey Henderson.

In 1972 members of the Westside Crips were charged with the 1972 murder of Robert Ballou that occurred outside the Palladium in Hollywood, but years later it was revealed that the four adults sentenced to prison were not directly involved in the assault with Ballou. Westside Crips Bobby Crear, Judson Bacot, Ricardo Simms and James Cunningham were sentenced to prison.

By 1973 several Westside Crips members began to create and carve out new identities starting in “the 100s” with the formation of Blocc Crips, NeighborHood Blocc Crips and the UnderGround Crips. By St. Andrews Park, the Original Gangster Crips were forming (which would later become Eight Tray Gangster Crips) by Rayford “Sidewinder” Miles, Melvin “Skull” Farmer, Hill Billy, Jeffrey Bacot and Hunchie.

Original Members of Westside Crips (first generation Westside Crips were born no later that early 1955. There are some members that were there during the formative years but considered Baby Crips or next generation.)

  1. Donald “Sweetback” Archie (1954 – )
  2. Judson Bacot (1949 – )
  3. Bobby “Hawk” Creer (1951 – 2019)
  4. James “Cuz” Cunningham 
  5. Melvin Hardy ( – 2017)
  6. Adam “AC” Harrison
  7. Ricky Henderson
  8. Erskine “Mad Dog” Jones (1954 – 2016)
  9. Curtis “Buddha” Morrow (1954 – February 23, 1973)
  10. Ricardo “Bub” Sims (1954 – 1983)
  11. Stanley “Tookie” Williams (1953 – 2005)
  12. Monkey Man ( – 2017)

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