Blood Line (BL) prison gang member explains misconceptions associated with his membership

STREETGANGS.COM | February 6, 2015

SOUTH LOS ANGELES – Moose, originally from 61 Harvard Park Brims, joined BL (Blood Line) when incarcerated in the Los Angeles County Jail several years ago. BL and the United Blood Nation (UBN) were prison gangs formed in California prisons during the late 1980s so that Blood members, who were grossly out numbered, could consolidate their power and protect themselves from the larger Crip gangs and other prison groups.

In recent years, some Blood members have expressed dissatisfaction with the growing number of Blood members joining a prison gang. To some, like Big Stretch from Fruit Town Brims, your loyalty is split when one signs paperwork (becoming kut) with one of the prison gangs, questioning one’s loyalty to the neighborhood when you have to answer to BL. Primarily, according to Big Stretch, when prison politics gets mixed in with the neighborhood gang politics, the combination can be disastrous and sometimes fatal.

Moose, sat down with and discussed the reasons he joined BL, and why he believes that there are many misconceptions about Bloods who do sign paper work and join a prison organization. We believe that this is the first time that a Blood has ever granted an on-camera interview to specifically talk about the prison gang.

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8 Comments for “Blood Line (BL) prison gang member explains misconceptions associated with his membership”

  1. HPBrim Thanng

    f you blood! This Brim, and you know you respect us.

  2. bumper

    Bloods are and have always been disruptive groups/Street gangs…Prison Gangs in California were not formed in the 1980’s…There are six validated prison gangs…NF…NS…AB…EME…NLR…BGF…There are over 900 disrupted groups/Street gangs in the California penal system…

    • There is also for the Crips, Blue Notes, CCC and for the Bloods UBN and BL. These four prison gangs are part of the California Department of Corrections validation process, including the ones you mentioned.

  3. old folsom

    rooster started BL an Peabody started UBN, plain as that

  4. old folsom

    rooter wouldn’t make you join or Peabody ,, it was yo choice,an still is,to this day,, cut bro not going to be wild, because he has to answer to somebody, uncut ;; wild, no rules.. thus cause problems

  5. old folsom

    ole , Big Stretch from Fruit Town Brims, don’t want to answer to nobody, an wants to stay wild, no rules,,,,, anything go,, then go to prison an need help if crips get at ya lol

    • KingBlood Kinkade aka DiabloD the original Diego from SanDiego kalifornia

      Check this out being a pure oyg in the fold from Sanlivego kalifornia I can say I respect Blood line and the UBN this is our mob the hidden mafia of the Bloods but order is needed in times of change and growth law is and must be implemented I’m from SKYLINE PIRU evilside riders I formed the KBFP which has grown in force and understanding as time keeps evolving we as those in the fold must evolve grow and be more fruitful and aware to have control and grow we have always as bloods operated as a strong powerful unit no matter the set but as one the P and the B are structure and represent our very culture and we’ll being

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