Rapper Jay Rock talks about living in the Nickerson Gardens, Watts

Jay Rock featuring Lil Wayne, “All My Life”

By Alex A. Alonso for Streetgangs.Com
February 11, 2010

Jay Rock is a rapper signed to Warner Bros Music via Top Dawg Entertainment from Watts, a section of Southeast Los Angeles. He grew up in the Nickerson Gardens housing projects and is a member of the Bounty Hunters, a Blood gang that has been in that area since approximately 1969. The Blood identity did not exist in 1969, but the neighborhood that would eventually start claiming Blood was already firmly established in the Nickersons.

Although he grew up in one of the most gang entrenched communities in South Los Angeles, Jay Rock has established himself as a top tiered rapper with an exceptional flow. His skills have been noticed by Lil Wayne, who collaborated with him “All My Life” and he appeared with Omarion on a track entitled “Hoodie.” He is expected to release an album entitled “Follow Me Home” sometime in 2010. We visited Jay Rock in the projects in Watts for this interview.

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19 Comments for “Rapper Jay Rock talks about living in the Nickerson Gardens, Watts”

  1. MadBrooke

    This is a dope interview. Jay Rock is definitely going to be the new truth!

  2. wattsup

    this chick blank guy homies tried to diss Grape in they new video like they was slic, ya’ll already know what it do weak blank booty holes ain’t ish and F the whole nicerson garbage community

  3. Real ish

    watts purple person, dubts shut yo blank up, Ne spoke the truth it’s GK, just like yall BK.

  4. Themostknownunknown

    Ain’t them Bounty Hunter guyz k-ing each other???

  5. AJ

    _CHI TOWN_

  6. Bloodmoney

    Yall fake street guyz need to quit worryin bout what Jay Rock is doin. He gettin money, I done seen some of yall guyz on da block, yall lookin dusty, need to get money. Aint bout bangin no mo. Get ya money up blood.

    • “Seen ya guyz” guyz guy guy. You can’t change the pain of the word by flipping it. Example: the swastika, the symbol used by hitler and the nazis was taken from the indian symbol of peace. They just turned it slightly. That symbol to the world will never mean peace again. guy will always mean my people hanging, children raped, mean tied to horses ripped apart black women pregnant tied to a tree stomach ripped open and the fetus stomped by white mens boots. This is what you represent everytime you say “guy!” if you don’t care then you enbody my oppressor. That world will never just mean ignorant again……..so now the kkk are in the body of people that look like me. Hmmmmm!!!

      • The swastika is not just turned slightly, the angles just face the opposite way. That was done on purpose, just like turning a cross upside down. The words guy and guy have 2 completely different meanings the same way. And if all you can think of when you hear the word guy is that negative stuff, then you’re the one who is the problem.

      • Lana

        ALLAH, u think because u put on a funny hat and a eat a bean pie, you the final word on what it be, u just a turnt out guy wearing a funny hat….People like u make things worse for us, not better, so shut you bean-pie eating blank up

  7. danielle

    glad to hear soembody doin good from the hood…my dad is a OG from bounty hunters and now im in college and doin it big…glad to hear you make it out the struggle homey..

  8. MoraTorium

    Im glad you going to college Danielle, you sound intelligent…good for you girl! Jay Rock in this Mutfa tonight!

  9. An Ex blood

    I find it appalling that no matter how much we preach that this is k-ingg our own brothers and sisters people still bang. It is so senseless. I can’t begin to say how much it angers me to see the youth and all they know is the block. Shame. Get out while you still can.

  10. 5pimpin

    6limpin guy. b5v from da valley dawg

  11. This is the most ignorant ish I’ve ever heard. k-ingg each other over snot rags. Yeah while you think your just gettin money your pushing a white supremacy agenda. f guyz right…….you slaves are shackled by your brains. Our communities are distructive because the mentalities are distructive. Some people are born to be slaves I hope you all realize ghetto is a state of mind. And a house guy is one who will sell poison to his people in the form of dope, terror, or distructive lyrics. May ALLAH be with us all as victims of American oppression and racism…..

  12. If you claim a hood, city,county,state,reigon, you are claimming america…..so where ever your from you are a slave too. And their is no honor in a snot rag!!! The real gangstas are the ones that have you k-ing your own people and don’t haveto even be there. Everytime you say “f that guy,” you are also saying “white.” We have brains to use not to abuse. Cowards say “this is the way ish is.” But you know you’ll continue to pop fireworks and put poison in your hair and have contacts in your black queens eyes and blond or cotton candy weaves in her hair(clowns) and continue to drink and smoke your life away, suppressing the lie you live with honor in a snot rag and a reality that you feel powerless too unless you go against yourself. Remember my people ALLAH gives power to the powerless!!!!

  13. Lana

    Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is, even though Jay Rock can spit it out and is an awesome artist, he’s about 15 years too late. Look what the f is selling now? Drake? Give me a break. Lil’ Wayne? Ni66a, you a pain. Record execs aint stupid, they’re in it for the money, even if the “artist” has no heart, the execs don’t care, they wanna be able to get in their fancy cars and snort blow, all the money and madness is going to the Dirty South dudes like Usher…I think, as much as we have tried, Gangsta Rap is slipping, Jay Rock, Nispsey, Game, I like that ish, but these young peeps hanging on their mama’s purse aint buying that stuff, they’re buying that ___ ish I wouldn’t even let my dog listen to. I mean look at Game, ni66a been promising to bring out that album now forever. But better yet, look at Snoop, he knows where the wind blows, he got Soldier Boy on his last album and his tunes are a bit softer and not so much Gangsta, he KNOWS he gotta give up his past for him to have a future, and I think even Game know that, as hard blank he wants his album to be, he knows he’s gonna have to tone it down for the new money. I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think so.

  14. fatboy okc

    Hell naw we ain’t k-ingg each other the Athens pyru is coming to our pjs dressed like us and k-ingg us the fake ones out our pjs is moving around &f grape street & athens pyru.NGBHB stand up from watts to Oklahoma

  15. bucaneer101

    f all ya’ll , ya-nt know ish about banging. guy come to the real side. f bloodz, f cribs, or ckrabs, wtf….f all ya’ll. marks!!!

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