Original Mexican Mafia member is now devout Christian, Kilroy

Southern California – Ernest “Kilroy” Roybal, 75, is an original Mexican Mafia member that joined Varrio White Fence in Boyle Heights near East LA in the early 1950s. He spent nearly 40 years in prison, from the 1950s to 1993 when he was released. While incarcerated, a friend of his came up with the concept of the Mexican Mafia, and by the early 1960s, the concept became a reality and Kilroy is one of the early members.

When Kilroy was released from Pelican Bay’s SHU, when he was about 54, he walked away from his high ranking position and became active in his church, and have been a devout Christian for the last 20 years. Kilroy is one of the few Mexican Mafia members to walk away from the life without ever debriefing or becoming an informant for the State.

Date: February 2014
Location: Southern California

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10 Comments for “Original Mexican Mafia member is now devout Christian, Kilroy”

  1. Eastlos

    Realest OG

  2. kLLAbEez

    peter pan wonts you to go back down

  3. sense


  4. partition_stan

    It’s called maturity…or if you like, the progression from immaturity….Or in plain words…The dude grew up.

  5. Panfilo

    Kilrowy never left a high ranking position. Kilroy got hit by Sleepy from Wilmas and Chino from Maravilla for politicking. Kilroy and Bevito from Wilmas were politicking and Kilroy got hit. Bevito was going to be next but locked it up.

  6. Carmelo Morales


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