Brother arrested in Nipsey Hussle incident

By Alex A. Alonso Staff Writer
March 21, 2011 4:25 p.m.
updated 4:45 p.m.

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle

Last Friday several men were involved in a conflict at Slauson and Crenshaw in South Los Angeles that included rapper Nispey Hussle. According to LAPD Lieutenant Peter Casey, a police cruiser was in the area of Slauson and Crenshaw and as they made a turn, they witnessed a shooting in progress near the Master Burger.

One officer returned fire missing the shooter, Samiel Ashgedon, 29, of Los Angeles who is the older brother of the rapper. The LAPD detained five people, but only charged Ashgedon who was booked on assault with a deadly weapon. According to the LAPD, Ashgedon was shooting at a group of individuals involved in the conflict, but according to at least two witnesses, Nipsey’s brother was shooting into the air when the police arrived.

Many rumors have been circulating on the internet that included that Ashgedon was shot and killed by the police and that Nispey was beat up.

Nispsey’s brother was not killed, and he wasn’t even shot. It is policy that the LAPD investigate every officer involved shooting thoroughly therefore their Force Investigation team was at the scene for several hours and their presence matched that of a homicide scene. On Saturday, Nipsey posted a comment on his Twitter page dispelling rumors that he was beat-up by posting, “I ain’t dead….I ain’t in jail…..and I ain’t on tha run.”

There were also rumors that this apparent conflict was a publicity stunt to promote Nipsey’s latest mixtape album, The Marathon, an 18-track freebie. According to HipHopDX, Nipsey is currently negotiating his release from Epic Records so he can release is long awaited album South Central State of Mind in 2011. Whatever the case if, the guys from Hyde Park Los Angeles definitely have everyone talking.

Eugene “Big U” Henley released a statement saying in part, “I’m a worker for my people and community. We have a great deal of work to do on ourselves including me. I have love and respect for the Hip-Hop community, to my city, and my homeboys. Every family has issues no matter who they are. I will continue to work and improve the community I live in and the people I encounter.”

Nispey’s brother, Ashgedon, was released from custody after posting a $100,000.00 bail. He is due in court next month.

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14 Comments for “Brother arrested in Nipsey Hussle incident”

  1. big poppa

    Who was Samiel shooting at or why was he shooting?

  2. azor

    is this hood stuff or business stuff.

  3. hoodman

    That cop was either a bad shot, or he was shooting in the air too. Blacc Sam need to count his blessing that the LAPD didnt hit him. that’s lucky.

  4. StreetGangs.Com Staff

    Perhaps Gangster Rap is dead, but rappers coming out the West aint dead if you got talent. Snoop is still banging hits, aint he?

    • Fatt Hogg

      R.I.P. to our homie, NP. (Please re-edit this piece as it fails to include his brother’s proper name in the last paragraph.)


  5. Mr.Stay Whit it

    My producer stays in 60 hood i get all the 411 blk sam was shootin cuz thats his brother and who wants to see their family get hurt.Yeah its hood stuff that started whit biz then success turns people ugly i could say more no need.

  6. mostknownunknown

    As for westcoast rap, it’s like this. Snoop the main meal ticket but he’s not the only one flowin’. The style of muzik has changed. Back in the 90s it was about gangsta rap and freestyle (i.e. westcoast & Eastcoast). Then it shifted to club muzik during the early 00s 2003 on up. Then they started coming out with all these lil’ dances like the A Town Stomp, and Soulja Boy and Stanky Leg, etc. Now it’s about that funny muzik like Katy Perry, LMFAO, etc. That’s what’s poppin’ the charts. Then of course you have cats who dont wanna c the westcoast shine. Everytime someone drops a record there’s another westcoast guy hatin’ on him. When Game dropped everyone was feelin’ him. Then came that incident with his older brother Big Fase 100 now all of a sudden Game not a real Piru anymore…even though he was shot behind that sh!t. Then out of the blue came this no rappin’ blank guy by the name of “Spider Loc” who’s on 50 Cent’s nutt sack tryin’ to diss Game. Then the guy felt the need to diss Snoop…then go back and apologize. smh But westcoast have rappers that go hard like Jay Rock, G Malone, Nipsey, Bishop Lamant, Big Wy & Suga Buga (the relativez), etc. As far as hardcore rap is concerned, it’s all about mixtapes anyways. Game drop mixtapes.

  7. mostknownunknown

    I wonder if Nipsey has a track dissin’ Eight Trey Gangsta. LMAO

  8. Wow datz deepness but thys rap shyt iz real life people thynk nyggaz rappin bout fake shyt, but itz all real shyt

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