20th Anniversary of Watts Gang Peace Treaty

Streetgangs.com Staff
April 14, 2012 | 10:18 p.m. PST

LOS ANGELES – On April 28, 1992, gang members in Watts, both Crips and Bloods alike, signed a “Cease Fire Agreement,” an unprecedented agreement between rival gangs in Southeast Los Angeles. The “Peace Treaty” simultaneously sought to deal with “human capacity building” in an area blighted by social ills induced by poverty, abuse, neglect and oppression. Gangs such as the Bounty Hunter Bloods, PJ Watts Crips, Hacienda Village Bloods and Grape Street Watts Crips were part of the treaty of 1992 that mitigated violence and tensions between these rival neighborhoods.

The success of the Cease Fire led to an immediate decline in violence in Los Angeles the following year, and laid a strong developmental foundation for many community members, gang and non-gang youth and adults notably included, to seek to change their environment.

As a direct result from the gang’s efforts, Los Angeles is currently experiencing a 40-year low as it relates to gang homicides and gang related violence.

Resources in Human Development are organizing a 2-day event to honor past and present leadership for their commitment to maintaining the peace in Watts and beyond. One goal is to bring these dimensions together as the foundation for a 10-year strategic initiative to bring gang-related violence to an end in the Watts community and to serve as a catalyst for a nationwide movement that reveres life and living as sacred right – a “Reverence Movement”.

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4 Comments for “20th Anniversary of Watts Gang Peace Treaty”

  1. stef

    This is great! I can’t wait to attend the event. I am happy to know that the treaty did bring change to the community and it is still an on going thing. Thanks to all the people in the community for making such an event happen. It is clear that there are positive leaders that are in our community, who we don’t normally see in the media but behind the scene MAKING CHANGE. This is certainly a reason to celebrate. Thanks to SG.com for being a positive force, as well.

  2. Jason Walker

    Big Respect

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