5 Shocking murders connected to the O.J. Simpson trial you never heard of

May 4, 2016

Los Angeles, CA – Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown were killed in 1994 and OJ Simpson was charged and acquitted of the double murder, but there are 5 other murder victims linked to the OJ Simpson case that were also murdered between 1993 and 1995 that most people never heard of.

1. Antranik “G-12” Geuvjehizian, 31 ( – Jul. 19, 1995), G-12 was a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy who worked in the courts as Judge Lance Ito’s ballif. During the OJ Simpson trial, he was also responsible for sequestering the jury at a nearby hotel. On July 19, G-12 was out one evening to take out the trash with his wife, when confronted by an individual identified as a prowler. The balif decided to chase this person, the wife heard yelling, then a gun shot. He died as a result of that gun shot wound. Judge Ito coincidentally lived in the same Pasadena community as G-12 and he suspended the trial the next day in memory of G-12.

Terrance Keith Patridge was sentenced to 54 years for killing the balif, and 373 years plus life in prison in a separate case involving a home robbery and sex crimes including rape.

2. Charles Minor (1948 – 1995), well known music producer in Hollywood with a reputation as being a lady’s man, and he crossed paths with an overly jealous woman, Suzette McClure , who ended up shooting and killing Minor at his Malibu home.

3. Casimir “Casey” Sucharski (1946 – 1995), shot and killed in his home along with 2 other guests by two masked gunman. He was a night club owner and very successful businessman, Seth Penalvar and Pablo Ivar were sentenced to death for this triple homicide but in 2012 Penalvar had his death penalty over turned, and Ivar also had his dedath penalty overturned as well.

4. Michael Scott Nigg (1969 – 1995), worked at the Mezzaluna restaurant along with Ron Goldman, and was shot and killed at a ATM bank machine in Hollywood. Rumors have circulated that Nigg along with other employees at Mezzaluna were involved in snall scale drug trafficking.

5. Brett Cantor, 25 (Nov. 5, 1967 – Jul. 31, 1993), Cantor was a young successful record executive that was also co-owner of the Hollywood night club / bar The Dragon Fly. He was friends with Ron Goldman and Ron, Nicole Brown and Faye Resnik were known to have frequented this club. Approximately 11-months before Ron & Nicole were murdered, an intruder entered Cantor’s home, and with a knife killed him in the same way that Ron and Nicole were be murdered.

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