Crips from 20s and Insane come together in Long Beach at Veterans Park

STREETGANGS.COM |June 06, 2016

Long Beach, CA – Three members from Long Beach Rollin 20s Crips (2Tha Loco, BriaanPF and Fadee RR) and a member form Insane Crip (William Mamoth), a traditional rival, came together to talk about their history and coming together despite the historical conflicts that these neighborhoods have and have had in the past. These two neighborhoods are geographically next to each other on the eastside of Long Beach and many members from these two separate neighborhoods are blood related.

Through Dirty Bird Gang, they are trying to create a different movement, t bridge the differences between the two neighborhoods and create legitimate economic opportunities for many of the members.

Quote of the story: “I don’t say we’re like rivals, I’ll say we’re a dysfunctional family”

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2 Comments for “Crips from 20s and Insane come together in Long Beach at Veterans Park”

  1. Kelley Arriellez

    What hoods does barrio arta beef with and what hoods are they allied with? Also what are the boundaries of that hood?

  2. Mike Daines

    Little Alex at it again. It’s actually quite comical how “hard” he tries to sound during these interviews. I wonder if any of these guys realize how much money he has, and continues to make off of them.

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