Example “kite” / green light list, sent among Hispanic gang members in LA County Jail

December 3, 2013

In the Los Angeles County Jail, inmates communicate through letters called “kites,” and at times, the kites tell other inmates what to do in the County Jail setting. These kites are also used in the California Prison system as “green light” lists which target gang members and gangs for assaults and assassination, and jail officials will often seize these lists to investigate possible crimes. Most gang members are not killed but being placed on a green light list can make life difficult and dangerous to navigate especially in a custodial environment.

In 2011, the following kite was seized by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to be used as evidence against Mexican Mafia member Eulalio “Lalo” Martinez. Martinez had been serving a 15-year sentence in Pelican Bay State Prison and scheduled for release when Los Angeles prosecutors charged him in 2008 for the 10-year old murder of Donald “Pato” Schubert, a fellow Lomas gang members from the San Gabriel Valley.

Joseph Garivay was convicted for the Schumbert murder in 2010, but prosecutors were unsuccessful in convicting Martinez for ordering the murder from Pelican Bay. When the murder case against Martinez fell apart, prosecutors decided to charge him in a second case, that included drug trafficking and conspiracy charges for activities they alleged he committed in the Los Angeles County Jail while he had been awaiting trial for murder.

In June 2012, after the preliminary hearing against Martinez was underway, weaknesses in the State’s case were exposed by defense attorney Matthew Fletcher and prosecutors decided to take another route against Martinez by going to the Grand Jury in August of 2012. The Grand Jury outlined several charges against Martinez and other defendants who had been inmates in custody in the Los Angeles County Jail. In that indictment the State alleged that Martinez conspired to bring drugs into the LA County Jail, conspired to commit extortion, money laundering, and 12 counts of conspiring to commit murder.

The trial against Martinez was scheduled for July 2013, but on June 20, 2013, Martinez was found dead in his cell as a result of a heroin overdose.

Green Light list / Kite seized by LA County Sheriff Department

S.Y.R. To all Surenos y camaradas, this is the last & final warnings to all those who are in position whether dorm red, esquinero or disero. You are to put and 3rds on hold. Sit on them til further instructions. You are not to shoot nothing to this mesa in 827. They are to be disregarded and smashed on sight. Anybody working with QSJ is to be disregarded and smashed. We do not conduct bizz in IPA let alone work with any pigs. The following individuals are to be smashed on site. These individuals are on the G. light list and you will be added to it if you choose to follow their orders and disobey this kites orders. Shy Boy – Cuduhay and Cyclone – Lennox, HP- wants’em dead do the best to accomplish this objective. Boxer – Pacas 13, Wino – Pacas KKB, Player – Geharty Lomas, Popeye – 38 St, Vicious – EMF and anybody else questioning the contents of this kite, smash them on site if possible whack’em. No exceptions, no excuses, H.P. wants this place cleaned up ASAP! All of you have been misled, now it’s the time to clean this up. Your deadline is today! So either step down or follow these orders, anybody who chooses to disregard this kite will be added to the list. This kites orders are from Hi-p so you can easily verify. For now assist us in accomplishing their wishes and stand by for further instructions. Con eso I’ll depart as I came. C/R/K …||

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3 Comments for “Example “kite” / green light list, sent among Hispanic gang members in LA County Jail”

  1. SG

    Pray tell. What were the weaknesses of the prosecution’s case?

  2. DaSpicKilla

    The po-po who found the kite was a whiteboy so the case fell apart on racism against illegals. LOL

  3. Cindy

    Love being Maravilla

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