Aubrey Berry, 23, in custody facing murder charges

By Alex A. Alonso (
August 21, 2009

Rapper KilledAubrey Berry, 23, of Atlanta, Georgia was arrested just hours after Roderick “Dolla” Burton was shot and killed at the Beverly Center on May 18, 2009. In addition to the murder charge, he is also facing charges that he shot at two of Burton’s associates, charges that could get him a life sentence if convicted.

It appears that Berry is going to claim self defense when he shot Burton at the valet near P. F. Changs in the Beverly Center. His attorney may be able to claim that Berry felt that his life was threatened when Burton and his associates, one who is believed to be a member of the Mansfield Gangster Crips, approached him. If it can be proven that Burton and one of his friends were armed, then Berry has a strong case.

After the murder, several Mansfield Crip’s homes were served warrants by the Los Angeles Police Department who were looking for weapons that may have been involved in the incident, but the results of these searches by the LAPD have not been made public. Although no other weapons were found at the scene or in the possession of Burton, the presence of a weapon by Burton’s party should not be ruled out.

Roderick "Dolla" Burton

One problem in Berry’s defense is that he has to explain why he arrived in Los Angeles, the same day that Burton arrived from Atlanta. The two had an altercation in an Atlanta strip club several days before, and that fight is believed to be the source of the conflict between the men.

In court, the prosecution will characterize Berry as a murderous stalker, who traveled 2000 miles to kill a man who embarrassed him in public. If Burton’s injuries are all gun shot wounds to his back, Berry is going to have a tough time getting sympathy from the jury.

His next court date is September 3, 2009 in downtown Los Angeles and his bail is $2,100,000.00.

Several questions still remained unanswered;

1. Did Aubrey Berry have a purpose of being in Los Angeles on the day of the shooting?
2. Could Berry and Burton have coincidentally met each other at the Beverly Center, or did one follow the other there?
3. Was Berry’s weapon registered?
4. Did Berry purchase a round trip ticket ahead of time or was he attempting to purchase return ticket when arrested at LAX?
5. Does ballistic evidence at the scene reveal a second shooter?

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30 Comments for “Aubrey Berry, 23, in custody facing murder charges”

  1. […] Two suspects are believed to have fled the scene after the Beverly Center shooting. Witnesses have stated that they saw a female fire shots during the shooting. Later that afternoon, LAPD captured a “person of interest” connected with the case who was attempting to board a plane at LAX airport. TMZ is reporting that the suspect is 20-year-old Aubery Berry. […]

  2. frisk

    Dolla, aka Buc tried to gang bang on Aubry Berry and Dolla got what he gets .Maybe a nice guy, but tried to play tough guy and he is 6 feet deep.

    • candy

      HOW THE HECK TO YOU PLAY TOUGH no such thing aubrey was the thug and the mean one

    • please

      spoken like a chick… chick guys always trying to find a way to justify chick-actions. he wasn’t tryin ta gangbang. AB was holding a grudge over a beatdown… must’ve been a hell of a blank whoopin if your only option is to shoot somebody, unarmed, in the back.
      get ya weight up!!! hit the gym and beat that fool blank the next time you see him.
      regardless of the alleged gang affiliation, or the “gangsta” music persona… he wasn’t armed and he knew that. and he waited in the valet area before even requesting his car… trying to present an opportunity for an altercation.
      now countless families are damaged. most irrevocably those of DOLLA and AB. 2 mothers have lost their sons but, one can still see, touch, and speak to hers… for now.

      • friend

        You donet even know these two, i personally know both of them and i have to say that it was self-defense. Dolla being a rapper kinda gives him points in the media’s eye thats why they arent making a big deal out of what he did. Once the evidence comes out the truth will be told and Aubrey will walk like he deserves.

        • Jen

          You are an idiot. How is it self defense when only one of them had a gun? You must be some idiotic teenager huh? And I highly doubt you know either of them. Sit down and shut up!!

    • 0's in Control

      Thats a shame, puppy dog Faces getting Gunned down by weird OT guys with Dreg Locks. Instaed of ranting and raving about being Nap Bashers (which yall not), handle your business with this weirdo

      For the Record Mansfields have never ked and 0’s or NHs, so knocked it off!

      • I HEARD YOU NOW LiSTeN 2 ME By: Dub

        To the NHC’s, the GC3x’s, Hoova, BPS , Black People and EVERYONE. Im addressing this issue because I’m tired of the BS! I knew Buck/Dolla. He was from ATL and he went hard for that. But he was also like a little bro to Baby T-Money (a well respected MFG ryda). So he spent a lot of time in L.A. I lived on the West side and have kicked it with Dolla many times. He was always humble and respectful. NOT a LOUD MOUTH ish STARTER like some others. (listen to his music and you’ll see he wasn’t on no extra-thuggin ish). Some of the young MansFields however didn’t think knowing T-money was enough to let an out-of-towner claim Crip, so about 3 years ago they got him without T-Money around and tried to pull his card. They sent 3 guys his age and size to put him on. Well guess what, Buck/Dolla was real and got with all three of um! Ask the Mansfields. (And he knocked out 2Pistols at that award show.) The rumor has it that he also put hands on Aubery Berry in a strip club n Atl.(He was a nuckler.) In THEORY, he couldve done that man the same way that man eventually did him, right? blankuming he was on deck that night. But that wasn’t Buck/Dolla’s heart. The situation wasn’t that major. Disagreements r acceptable among activists. TRANSLATION: We r gonna fight from time to time as young men to come to an order or understanding among ourselves. But we need to give oneanother the respect of either taking a slight loss (remind yourselves that even the GREATS like ALI, HOLLYFIELD AND TYSON HAVE ALL BEEN WHOOPED—a few times! ) or delivering one without feeling the need to erase our opponents whole legacy in COLD BLOODED MURDER. Even if he wasn’t an angel, which he wasn’t. I say that because we know Buck/Dolla was also shot in a previous altercation and he did embrace the street life. But he wasnt murdered because of what he did to deserve it, he was the victim of another mans SHATTERED PRIDE AND HATEFUL ENVY. So for those who don’t know ish, next time before you SPEAK BAD on the SOUL OF A DEAD MAN–CUT YOUR OWN THROAT!!! You want people speaking on you or one of yours like that? I knew him, he was genuine. And for those who doubt West L.A. please check the files. I don’t bang anymore but I use to and I promise you West L.A. is full of homicides. So many of mine have been LOST. I also know that the PBG’s were hit with a gang injunction in ‘89, long before the gang injunctions in other hoods. West L.A. been active. But it’s sad when we are arguing over whose hood is worse. That’s like saying “I’m glad my block is deadlier than yours, at least I know I’ll die sooner or get washed in the pen faster.” DONT BE THAT IGNORANT MY FAMILY. A soldier can come from any part of the map. He can also LOSE HIS LIFE TO THE GUN of any coward. WHOEVER IS ON THIS WEBSITE SET-TRIPPIN AND DISRESPECTING THE REAL—YOU NEED TO fIN STOP! Think about the CHILDREN. Stop disrespecting the G HOMIES that want peace, Stop Disrespecting The Dead Homies that cant get peace and The Lifer Homies who whish they would’ve chose peace and the Wounded Homies also. And PLEASE STOP DISRESPECTING ALEX ALONSO who put this site together so we could discuss our issues openly or annonymously without bullets flying. We should be glad to have this forum speak as men, and not f it up by making childish DEATH THREATS TO ONEANOTHER. The Bloods and the Crips have SUFFERED GREAT LOSSES and through that pain have been trying to settle their differences for over ten years now. It’s no longer about red vs blue or Gangsta Crip vs NeighborHood crip. It’s about survival. We need unity to survive. We need education to survive and we need to weed out the snakes. So Get with the real PROGRAM. We r out there knocking eachother off as black men, and our future is getting darker. Which one would you prefer, A CELL OR A COFFIN???????? Surenos hate us, police hate us and when i read some of these comments it seems like WE HATE OURSELVES. Wake up. STOP THE HATE. This is just to help shed some light to those disrespecting OUR HOMIE and Our Culture. ONE LIFE TO LIVE, ONE LOVE TO GIVE…………. Buck/Dolla was real and he will be missed. Yng Dub Lech

  3. mann

    Mansfield are more about making money, not gang banging.

  4. […] tattooed on the inside of his index and middle fingers and the large three on his stomach. Aubrey Berry, 23, of Atlanta was arrested for his […]


  6. WPB! TOP6^

    damn athat niqqa’z bail is like 10,000 bricks and 1000 pounds of kush lol that niqqa and gettin bailed

  7. I can say that dolla had alot of haters…i think they set him up.i truley believe this. how can ur own people who u work with not show up at your funeral….????pay close attention to some people around dolla,when he speaks on his videos,u can see them trying to hold back there jealousy……….dolla will be back cause he died on the moon of pisces,which means “reincarnation”.

  8. Does anyone know why Aubrey Berry was even in LA? We know that Dolla had business related to his rap career in Los Angeles, but what was Berry here for?

  9. tha martian

    I agree with I HEARD YOU NOW LiSTeN 2 ME By its messed up that thats we live in societys that dont give a f if your :black white, they just dont Give a f anymore we’re all victims so yall need to wise up and cowards need to use your hands insted of guns if your gonna fight a dude instead of a gun use your hands and call hi out to fight dont use a gun because you know that a gun will hurt or k the dude who embarblanked you in the club. man AB u fed up big time man u ked a cool blank guy who was keepin it 100 from the beginnin and if you walk a fan of dolla is gon k you if that person dont someone will but everyone knows :IT AIN SELF DEFENSE IF ONE OF U GOT A GUN AND THE OTHER 1 DONT! and if u believe that its self defense YOU R STUPID! R.I.P Dolla Aka Bucc! And Have Some Respect for the deceseased

  10. Cashala

    I think Aburey should get the death penalty because he took a life, Dolla was one of the best rappers out there and it is very sad that his life was taken due to jealous blank people..I love Dolla and I am heartbroken that one of my favorite rappers is gone..? R.I.P Dolla, you may be gone but never forgotten!! To the family of Berry, you r son, father, or whatever is a murderer and deserves whatever comes his way!!

    I Love You Roderick “Dolla” Burton!!? R.I.P Boo

  11. Aubrey Berry was found not guilty on all charges and was released from the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department. He is at an undisclosed location, for fear of his safety, but we will try to get the first interview.

    • nina

      if he was found not guilty why are people protecting him

      • StreetGangs.Com Staff

        Because Dolla was a member of the Mansfield Crips, there was reason to believe that Mr. Berry will become or has become a target of the Mansfield Gangster Crips. Whether or not that will actually happen remains to be seen, but it is normal to take those precautions.

  12. matt cutts

    I am very pleasedto see that you are putting so much of effort for encouraging the readers with valueable posts like this, I have sent this post to my facebook.

  13. nina

    why were they running the suspects clue number one they new aubrey was gonna k dolla . if the other people that aubrey had with him was standing or backing up and running that would mean they were surprized to see aubrey k dolla but they fled means they new something was gonna go down . aubrey is an ker and a liar and he told lie after lie after lie to cover the first lie and then the lies became the truth

  14. candy

    aubrey bery is nothing but the fungas that walks the street and use the laws for his dumb benifit there is no proof dolla was in no gang so what he got into a fight if he was ganmember dont you think he would of shot a aubrey the first time dummys

    • billow

      Aubrey Berry defended himself from getting beat down by thugs who had beat him down just a few days previously.

  15. candy

    aubrey bery is nothing but the fungas that walks the street and use the laws for his dumb benifit there is no proof dolla was in no gang so what he got into a fight if he was ganmember dont you think he would of shot a aubrey the first time dummys

  16. candy


  17. […] years ago this month, rapper Roderick “Dolla” Burton was shot and ked in Los Angeles by hip-hop promoter Aubrey Berry of Atlanta. In 2010 Berry was acquitted when a jury […]

  18. I believe that Audrey Berry had every known intention on k-ingg Roderick “Dolla” Burton. Why? For one, why would Berry be in California on the same day that Dolla was there? It makes me think that there was a premeditated plan to k Dolla hatched by Berry. The question is, what exactly happened between Dolla and Berry in Atlanta? Which brings me to my next point: Berry caught wind of Dolla being in California, because there’s no way that he can say otherwise. Berry manipulated the system, PLAIN AND SIMPLE! His best bet is to stay “hidden”, because he had every intention on k-ingg Dolla, and he had to have known that when he basically “got off”, people were going to be looking for him.

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