Biggie Claimed Some Of Tupac’s “Me Against The World” Beats Were His, Easy Mo Bee Says

By Mitchell Steinfeld
posted Tuesday March 10, 2015 at 02:00PM PDT

Tupac album me against the worldThe Tupac Shakur album turns 20 this week.

On the twentieth anniversary week of Me Against The World, Easy Mo Bee discusses producing songs on the Tupac album.

“We recorded a big batch of songs,” Easy Mo Bee says during an interview with RevoltTV. “He did one of the smartest things in the world to take the ‘Temptations’ and ‘If I Die Tonight’ and put that on Me Against The World. He takes ‘Straight Ballin,’ he throw that on Thug Life album. These are all songs that I did.”

A listening session on the set of Shakur’s film Above The Rim led to the creation of the “Temptations” record.

“I went to Rucker Park where he was filming Above The Rim, went into the trailer,” Easy Mo Bee says. “I played them one joint that I already made. That track ended up being ‘Temptations. And for all the beat makers, all the producers who know…it was ‘Computer Love’ filtered, just the bass frequencies. Then I’m drumming it up on top. Then I’m laying some keys.”

Easy Mo Bee says he first met Shakur in conjunction with a Big Daddy Kane performance held at Madison Square Garden.

“I’m walking in the long hallway and we gettin’ closer,” Easy Mo Bee says. “The closer he got, he pointed, ‘Yo, I was lookin for you.’ I was kinda fresh, new and green in the business. [In] ’89 I had just did Kane [produced on Big Daddy Kane’s It’s A Big Daddy Thing album] after that The Genius [Words From The Genius] album, some remixes in between and then I worked on that Miles Davis [Doo-Bop] album. He had just done the Juice movie.”

Easy Mo Bee describes the exchange as he recalls the encounter.

Biggie album“I was like, ‘What you want from me?’” Easy Mo Bee says. “[Shakur] said, ‘I like the stuff you did on Big’s album [The Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready To Die]. I love that ‘Party And Bullshit.’ When he said that I was bugging because he’s from the West Coast. They got a whole different vibe.”

The Notorious B.I.G. was reportedly expecting those tracks for himself.

“He stood next to me and said, ‘Mo, you’re wrong. You know you were supposed give me them ‘Pac joints,’” Easy says. “[Biggie said], ‘You know nothing gets passed me.’”

In a February interview, Easy Mo Bee discussed being one of the few artists to work with Tupac and Biggie.

“A lot of people have said I was the only one to work with B.I.G. and Tupac while they were alive and that’s partially true,” Easy Mo Bee said at the time. “I’m not sure about any other situations.”

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