Sergeant Defends Call For P. Diddy’s Escort

By Lora Neng
April 29, 2011

Reports that Sean Combs received a police escort following his concert in Manhattan to a West Orange, New Jersey after party caused a stir in the NYPD. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg immediately spoke to the Police Commissioner on Tuesday about the three-car escort, saying, “Police escorts should be provided if there’s a security issue, period (…) The bottom line is the police department should treat everybody exactly the same. If you don’t get a police escort, P. Diddy shouldn’t.”

An internal investigation to determine who authorized the escort finally yielded a statement from a lawyer on behalf of a NYPD sergeant. “This wasn’t to benefit P. Diddy. It was to ameliorate a crowd situation,” said attorney Andrew Quinn of the numbers which gathered around the block between the rapper’s show from 34th Street to the Lincoln Tunnel. Upset NYPD officers recalled that the Midtown South precinct was the same area where Diddy was arrested for firing a gun inside a club in 1999 and acquitted of all charges.

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1 Comment for “Sergeant Defends Call For P. Diddy’s Escort”

  1. Wolfman

    If he P Diddy or anyone else want’s an escort let him pay for it ok

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