Sticky Fingaz, writes, directs and stars in A Day in the Life

Alex A. Alonso for
August 18, 2009

dayinlife_A Day in the Life is Sticky Fingaz’ directorial debut starring himself Mekhi Phifer, Clarence Williams III, Michael Rapaport, Tyrin Turner, Omar Epps, Drena De Niro, Faizon Love, Mike Williams, Bokeem Woodbine, Fredro Star, Erik Palladino, Ray J, Treach, Kurupt, Ray J, Melinda Williams, and Nadine Velazquez. It is a hip-hop musical, with the entire dialog of the film told completely in rap form.

The story, written by Sticky, is action-drama musical about the rugged reality of the streets when crime organizations conflict.  Sticky’s crew is forced into a street war when Black, played by Faizon Love, raids one of Sticky’s drug houses and kills two of his associates. Sticky’s character must know figure out how to react to the double murder by either seeking revenge, or find a way to avoid further killing. The story is told in one day, with several lessons emerging from the plot.

Sticky’s production company, Major Independents, and Lionsgate Films, released the musical on DVD and Blu-ray on July 7, 2009, but it can also be viewed On-Demand through your local cable company.

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  1. Nice, all these cats been away for a minute. Interested to see a flic like this…

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