Varrio Junior Mafia – near Imperial Highway

Varrio Junior Mafia is predominately Hispanic-American street gang located near Imperial Highway in South Los Angeles. They also have another gang located near 107th Street between Vermont & Normandie Avenues.

2 Comments for “Varrio Junior Mafia – near Imperial Highway”


    f puppy dog they dont want it. The lil homie straight punked on 3 of them and them fools didnt want it on SOUTH LOS. They got that ish on tape

  2. Junior Anderson

    My name is Junior Anderson and I lived at 12121 Nava St Norwalk, Calif. in the One Ways until I was 7 years old then I moved over to “Chivas,” in Artesia, California were I met my Mia Amor, Yvonne. I am now 64 years old. I am still standing strong as an Indian. My homeboys still rule our barrio.

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