Sol Valle Diablos

Sol Valle Diablos

11 Comments for “Sol Valle Diablos”

  1. blanco


  2. tls

    Does anyone kno a termite frm svds hes the downest ese frm eme he frm sol valle diablos much respect

  3. John

    Are these guys still around are they deep

  4. S V D S


  5. tnt

    All you gang member that k. Should all be put against wall and shot. we the people do not need all this k-ingg. it needs to stop and that to do it so be it.

  6. PUTO

    Your white hommie with the svds on his face is a chick haha youst
    to punk him in the halls at sylmar

    • In ur moms mouth

      Well good for u fartit wut u want some d#$k in ur ass for that after iam done taking it out ur moms ass chick made hyna u werent punking ish wuts ur name puto goes good with u chick ass .P u were licking balll sacks in the halls smart ass babosa eat a fat d#$k F#@K ur hood puta

  7. San fer winos

    San Fer winos


      f every chick ass Ni66ah that be hating AND TALKING ish..SUN VALLEY D1A3LOS GANG. X3. PUTOS….MOST disliked GANG…

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