Clanton 14 in Los Angeles

Clanton 14 originally formed on Clanton Street in the area off Central Avenue during the 1920s just south of downtown Los Angeles. After World War II, the City of Los Angeles changed the name of the street from Clanton, to 14th Place. Contrary to what many outside of Los Angeles believe, Clanton is NOT a Norteno varrio because of the “14th” as part of the Clanton identity. Prior to the conflict between Nortenos and Surenos which started in the California prisons system during the early 1960s, Clanton had already embraced the number 14, and have been using it ever since the street name change.

  1. Eastside Clanton 14th Street, Los Angeles – Eastside
  2. Clanton 14th Street 1st Hood, Los Angeles – Pico-Union Westlake [defunct]
  3. Clanton 14th Street 2nd Hood, Los Angeles – Mid City [defunct]
  4. Clanton 14th Street 3rd Hood, Los Angeles – East Hollywood [defunct]
  5. Clanton 14th Street 4th Hood, Los Angeles – North Hollywood

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  1. Jibbs

    Black diamond rifa calsones 14 vale verga

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