Compton Varrio 70 (Westside)

Compton Varrio 70 (Westside) is a predominately Latino street gang in Compton. It is among one of the older varrios in Compton and it’s the only varrio that has 3 separate turfs within the City of Compton.

2 Comments for “Compton Varrio 70 (Westside)”

  1. Straight Outta Compton

    Hell Yea It’s All About That Big Bad South S1D3 Compton Varrio Los Setentas 1970’s Gang! f Haters and Enimigas! We Stay Deep and Spreading Like A Virus! We Stay Relevant and We Stay Smashin Thru Out All Of Sur Califas Leaving Our Mark Where Ever We Go From LA 310,323,213 To Long Beach 562 To The Valleys 818,661 To San Bernardino County 909 We Even Got LV70’s In San livego and BV70’s In Tijuana So Shout Out To All The Homies Putting It Dosn For The Hood From All Clickas Keep At It And Stay The f Up Cuz We Some Real Mutha fin Gs

  2. Poison

    One of your homies went p.c in da pin and started banging northern ryders lmao he is a compa now not no hoek herd it from his sister ahaaa chicano geez

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