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Duarte is a city along the San Gabriel Mountains within Los Angeles County. It is right off the Interstate 210, in between Monrovia and Azusa. Duarte is also located along the historic Route 66, which runs directly through the city. Duarte has a total area of 6.7 sq. miles of land.

Due to its geographic location at the foothill of the mountains, Duarte is home to mainly residential areas. Most residents commute to other areas for work and pleasure. Many of the local business have struggled financially due to the cities geographic location, with little income coming from non-residents.

As of the 2008 Census, the estimated population for Duarte was 23,907. 50.1% of residents are White, 48% are Hispanic, 15% are Asian and 8.8% are Black or African American. 6.4% of families and 7.4% of individuals live below the poverty level. The city closely matches the national average for educated residents with 25.4% with a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 79/6% with a
high school degree.

Hispanic gangs in Duarte

  1. Varrio Eastside Duarte, Duarte Eastside Rifa [DESR, VESD, ESDR]

35 Comments for “Duarte, California – Hispanic gangs”

  1. Orbit172

    I don’t see any Duarte Hispanic gangs on here but I believe there is at least one. Seen a dude claim Duarte 13. Had SGV tattoo’d on his person also.

    • Cam

      Shut the f up you racist ass chick. Go suck some d#$k and quit acting a chick. That’s all you are. Racist ass chick.

    • SouthSideMostWanted

      f A mayansNK! El Monte FLORES Gang Or don’t Bang! 5-13-6
      Tiny Midgets Be the Cklick
      f a CrabK!
      Dirt RocKs k ! Ni66ahK Run Like chickes! fen mayans NK

  2. CFL

    PURO 310 WEST!!!!!

  3. Jboogz

    Yea they got one Duarte Eastside 13 aka Varrio Duarte Eastside Rifa (DESR X3), but the DuRocs are goin hard at em.

  4. mehh

    ay yooh guys need tew knock it off talking about my hood like that

  5. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You are amazing! Thanks!

  6. Lasio

    Is there a gang call Duarte Nuevo Varrio???

  7. cK

    ~V~. DUARTE EAST SIDE LOW EnD LOckOS X3 f crabs ck all day

  8. wtf

    Your fen smart dats monrovia

  9. cK

    f mooonrats duarte evil side 13 ck allday free the homeboys DR 13

  10. cK

    Varrio East Side Duarte Low End locKos Rifa blankk crabs slow1z moonrats k

  11. gogetta

    “Tense” Vsur13 102st locos shout out to my boy bago from eastside duartegang..firme ass vato i was with him in thw hole..

  12. El monte


  13. cK

    East Side Duarte 3€E fu€k €rabs €K all day dirtrocK k big Quvo to all the homies blankK slowones

  14. Azusa 13

    f all the lame cheesesiders they all stay hiding there All chickes I be walking downmmountain everywhere in there hood the claim there hard but ain’t ish Chubb’s a Lil fat wanna be boy Vivian the whole hoods had her aha sorry as varrio

  15. cK

    Fu€k vasuras ES DuaRte x3

  16. Stan

    Gangs are a disgrace to any race. But keep in mind that it was the white man who started this out by beating up minorities. The only way they were able to stand up for themselves was to band together.

  17. Downer loko

    f crabs and cheesy ass dorritos. Varrii Monrovia rifa 13 CK DK all day peewee lokos click

  18. A13 boy

    East side Duarte ain’t doing ish there getting smoked by chick as dirt rocks and like I said tuck chubss f that wanna be tagging crew slowly to vAZUSA13 gAng get at me slAuson park f cheese side

  19. Don't trip

    Heard some hente got smoked in Monrovia Duarte area by some Ni66ahs at this point the hente from surrounding areas need to get in on this green light type of ish because these Ni66ahs getting away with ish azusa Pomona puente san Gabriel pasa where you foos at time to wipe these foos off the map and with all rivalries amongst us put aside for the moment these Ni66ahs need to be dealt with i see a green light coming local varrios wiping them of the map especially for their actions big homies I’m sure got the kites either homies form Duarte start eliminating these foos or its going to be dealt with the easy way like I said puente monte basset san Gabriel azusa Bolen where you foos at big homies need to green light that ass show these porch puppy dogs what’s up

    • LOL

      LOL needing to recuirt all those SGV varrios to take on Duroc. DESR needs to handle their own ish. Duroc been in Duarte/Monrovia since the 70’s and aint going nowhere, it don’t matter which varrios you team up with they straight SURK.

  20. Brownpride

    f Ni66ahs heard about their bullish in Duarte last few weeks from durocc to pdl to compton Ni66ahs ain’t running ish f dirt rocc dirty ass Ni66ahs you chickes about to get smoked on Goodall low end to high end

  21. Dena

    In Pasadena we ain’t bout all that race ish so don’t even start homie you got black foo’s banging the Varrio, and you got Mexican B’s and C’s

    • Aztec warrior

      You foos are Ni66ah lovers in dena that’s why foo dress like them and act like them no type of self respect make Mexicans look bad

      • Dena

        That’s why we got way more respect in the SGV huh ? That’s why most of you Duarte and Monrovia foo’s are scared to come to Dena huh? even in the 80’s and 90’s Duarte and Monrovia foo’s knew not to come to Pasa you got 3 fing gangs in those 2 cities yet taggers run your ish how do you explain that?

  22. Dena

    Plus I heard from the lil homie in Villa that when he was in juvinille them ___ ass Monrovia and East Side Duarte Foo’s were talking about oh yeah we cool with PDL homie f DirtRocK’s when they got pressed by PDL’s . I ain’t tripping though PDL filled with busters and I guess your lil barrio’s are too

  23. Vallero

    I’ve seen the video where foos from durocc said f 12’s lmfat I just laugh then dolce boys will give them the business they’re lucky Pomona town is 10 or so miles away because the dolce boys will give them themy the business shark style open waters mayans can’t swim anyways if they ain’t getting punched on they’re getting punched on

  24. LOL

    LOL of course Azusa be on that NK ish there’s like 3 black folks living in that CIty LOL, easy to be big and bad when aint no other black hoods iin Azusa, same goes for Hawaiian Gardens its like 98% Mexican with no black foilks there so they get away with that hate ish.

    • LOL these nuts

      How about that youngster who got smoked in his garage in monrovia some black foo straight up shot through the garage with Innocent victims all around they got no type of reglas if you’re mexican backing them up you’re a straight chick homie

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