Lote MaraVilla

Lote MaraVilla

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  1. I hanged around lote back in the day…and I was wondering if anyone knows if lion from lote is alive and well,he moved to santa fe springs then he disappeared,if anyone knows..plzz let me know.just a friend. girliemurillo@yahoo.com (his name is manuel garcia-alvarez)

  2. Anonymous

    Weres There hood At ? ….

  3. Elivra

    I lost my
    Can I
    Have YOUR?

  4. Chino

    Where’s all the peewees from lote maravilla?


    f E.Lotes
    V.NUEVO.E Xlll

  6. slim

    smokey (albert m.) is locked up doing 25 to life.

  7. Huero

    Rest In Peace to my father In law:

    Lil Man – LMR Enanos Click!

    • george

      huero my name is george i new lil man we worked at downey grinding i always think about him i grewup in watts then moved all over and ended up in downey lil man tatted me up he ingraved lote mara lil man on my window at my apartment he tattoed a two headed pelollipop on my forarm ill never forget him. lowriders for ever. george

    • slim

      Huero, are you talking about D. Pena A.K.A. Lil Man?
      If so, how did he pass?


    What’s up to the homie from LoteMV gang still up homies from that FLK MV gang TTS clika

  9. OG LoTE Maravilla

    Checked with the homies, never heard of an flk maravilla, or them putting in any work. they heard of flk crew before.. sorry young homies. …

  10. LOTEmV

    Simon homie, knw a couple of perros from Frazier MV. Stay up and represents MV homies. .

  11. DUKE RMV


  12. martin salazar

    Hey liz i do remember you how you doing

  13. SAPO LMV

    Stay MaRVeLous LMVR

  14. Facts

    Is this neighborhood still there? Or lomita? Or kern? ..77

  15. chemo

    Whats up homies from the LOTE MARAVILLA CHICOS gang BIG CHEMO LMC

  16. Asking

    Has your hood got any new clicks or did LMV absorb all your youngsters?

  17. Randy Silva

    right on duke

  18. G.E. Montoya

    Q vo to all.
    Toro here Lote Maravilla Chicos!

  19. Robert(scooby) LOTE MV


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