Varrio Nuevo Estrada in Montebello

Varrio Nuevo Estrada [VNE] is a predominately Latino street gang located in Montebello, California. The original VNE neighborhood formed in the Estrada Courts housing projects. They also have a small VNE neighborhood in East Los Angeles.

Deceased members from VNE Montebello

  1. Valentine “Lil Puppet” Manuel Zamorano, 27 ( – July 24, 2004), shot and killed at 844 Mines Ave in Montebello.

2 Comments for “Varrio Nuevo Estrada in Montebello”

  1. bueno rostro

    The mas frma varrio in town.

  2. Big VNE X3 Gang

    Big VNE 13 gang f elotes asados and boners and snail st locas levas

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