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Temple City is located in the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles County. Temple City occupies 4 sq. miles of land. The city is named after Walter P. Temple who purchased 400 acres of land in the early 1900s in San Gabriel.

Temple City along with neighboring cities of Arcadia, Rosemead, Monterey Park, San Marino, and San Gabriel, has a rapidly growing Asian population. Temple City also has a Cuban and Puerto Rican community, and other Latino nationalities. At the time of the 2000 U.S. Census, Caucasians composed the largest ethnic group in Temple City, but According to the 2008 Census, Asians currently occupy the largest ethnic group.

The total population of Temple City is 36,591 people. Only 16.2% of residents are Hispanic, 35.7% of residents are White, 55.7% are Asian, and .5% are Black or African American. 45.5% of residents are foreign born, and 59.4% speak a language other than English in the home. 33% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 87% of residents have a high school degree. Only 7.1% of families and 7% of individuals live below the poverty line. The median family income is $73,444.

Hispanic gangs in Temple City

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