Night Crawlers (NC) in Westmont (South Los Angeles)

Night Crawlers are a predominately Latino street gang in the unincorporated section of Westmont in South Los Angeles. They started off as a tagger crew known as No Control before they transitioned into a street gang.

They are located south of Century, between Normandie (west) and Vermont Avenues (east). They have two clicks, 1) 101st Street Traviesos and 2) 105th Street.

Their rivals are Evil Klan, Junior Mafia and 18th Street.

Deceased Members

  1. Trigger
Night Crawlers graffiti between 101st Street & Vermont Ave., January 2017

Night Crawlers graffiti on 101st Street & Vermont Ave, January 2017

Night Crawlers graffiti, between 101st and 102nd Streets on Budlong, 2014

Night Crawlers graffiti, 101st & Budlong, 2014


6 Comments for “Night Crawlers (NC) in Westmont (South Los Angeles)”

  1. NxC13

    Traviesos click= East Side Las Vegas
    Baby Gangsters= South East LA (Norwalk)
    101st= South Central

    R.I.P Chino, Lil Wablo(Trigger), Striker



  3. Cuggio

    Cyber bangers out here trying to frame evrbdy hood. Lol. Trying to start a race war what?

  4. Xc

    Let these internet bangers type. Do not post on here! Dont answer!

  5. DOJ FBI

    Thank you for the information sir..Was this shooting a result of what happened in the casitas with the individual who lost their life in this neighborhood last year? Or was it the rumors of them being A CI for the LASD?… You provide good INFO have you ever considered becoming a FBI blankest?.. call me at the Wilshire office Monday to Friday 10:00am to 3:30 thank you sir.

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