Are we the gang capital of the world?

Kevin James, LA radio host

Kevin James, LA radio host

Alex Alonso
March 6, 2007

Los Angeles was given the title, gang capital of the US back in 1988 by Tom Brokaw on a gang documentary. I am not sure if another person preceded Mr. Brokaw with this title, but since then it as stuck, but is that title appropriate for Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, California represents the “biggest” in nearly everything, being the largest city in the most populated State, LA is the capital for everything, including pollution, cars, traffic, guns, illegal immigration, population, etc. So saying that Los Angeles is the gang capital of the US is only true because of the actual numbers, but on a per capita examination, the City of Chicago has more murders and has consistently had more murders related to gangs since 1992, more so than Los Angeles and New York.

The lie I heard was by 790 KABC host Kevin James that Los Angeles is the “gang capital of the world” which is completely untrue. There are so many countries that are plagued with more violent gang activity throughout the world such as Jamaica, South Africa, El Salvador, and Brazil to name a few. Of course he cites absolutely no person or offers no statistics on that claim, but many of his listeners most likely believe this false statement. Although I have used the phrase, “gang capital of the country,” I say this with 100% certainty that Los Angeles is not the “gang capital of the world” and anyone who says so is either ignorant or spewing propaganda.

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28 Comments for “Are we the gang capital of the world?”

  1. George Ran

    I hear this guy on the radio whenever I can't sleep and he is an illegal immigrant hater. He is definitely hiding his racist feeling againt Mexicans in the name of illegal immigration.

  2. Hector Muriel

    You can't realy believe everything this guy says. I am sure he does not beleive some of what he says, but that's what he does.

  3. 8teen streeter/ aKa StS

    datz right homies california is the main land of the mexican barrios…fen 18th street rifa muthafers, its bk and some cks..long beach putos 2 sc la w/s to ss..wuzzup up[!

  4. Big M

    KABC just got rid of this guy

  5. Arch angel Socrates

    Kevin James will be back, bigger and better than ever. He will go global on satellite. You can't suppress the light!

  6. Mark

    Um… Alexalonso, your own posting indicates that Kevin James is exactly right in his claim that LA is the "gang capital of the world" – as your response cites and compares LA to "countries…Jamaica, South Africa, Elsalvador…" But LA is a CITY! And as a CITY, it is the gang capital of the world, so it is correct to say that "Los Angeles is the gang capital of the world". Furthermore, using your own logic, the USA as a COUNTRY is the gang capital of the world – thus LA, being the gang capital of the US (your own admission), as a CITY, it is, by extension, the gang capital of the world. So, again using your logic, the lie is YOURS – not Kevin's.

  7. Shawn Tomlin

    im lovin da sites…:L:L:L

    r they r18+ sites or sumin??

    fanx for ur time..

  8. Oscar M

    Kevin James will probably be on satellite radio, but he does not have what it takes for a large city like Los Angeles or New York. You can immigrant bash, or should I say illegal immigrant bash in a city like Los Angeles, and his replacement, Peter Tilden, is a billion percent better and more talented. I am listening to him right now.

  9. Alex Alonso

    To Mark,

    If Chicago has more gang members per capita, then you can't even call Los Angeles the gang capital of the country. Now when I mention countries like El Salvador, Jamaica, and South Africa, I should say the cities, San Salvador, Kingston, and Johannesburg. And I could mention many other cities who crime rate from gangs is far worse than anything Los Angeles has ever seen. So again, it is completely wrong, and misleading to call Los Angeles the gang capital of the world, and I have reservations about calling it the gang capital of the country with cities like Detroit, D.C., Baltimore, Chicago.

  10. Walker

    Quite right Alex. I don't know if you've heard of a series called 'Ross Kemp on Gangs' shown here in the UK, but Ross went to L.A. on his latest episode and guess what? He called Los Angeles "the gang capital of the world" twice at the start of the programme!!! This is a man who's been to far more murderous and gang-infested cities in Central and South America, the Caribbean and South Africa, so don't ask me why he makes this bizarre blankertion.

    It's a popular series and he has a great opportunity to demystify popular misconceptions such as L.A. being a particularly violent place, instead he just feeds the same sensationalist bullcrap that's demonized the city for many years.

    Talk about dumbing down for the mblankes.

  11. […] radio, while offering no intelligent dialogue on the issues that are most important to Angelenos. His views on street LA gangs, Special Order 40, and the Mayor are almost always wrong, and he got a history lesson from Chris […]

    • CRITIC

      LA is the “Hollywood” version of gang capitol of the world
      gangs in LA are propped up by the media and hollywood
      gangs in LA don’t compare in ruthlessness and viciousness like touse in South Africa’s cities, or Brazil, or even those in El Salvador/San Salvador.

      LA is a disneyland gang world, more hype than anything.. its made up of a lot of flash and fronting.. it lives in a glamour world.. shoes, bling bling, nice rides, a clean look, there’s no poverty in LA like there is in other cities with a real gang problem. Street Gangs in LA are more about showing off and playing politics. Few are the real gangsters and kers, the vast majority don’t even want to get scuff marks on their shoes.. the vast majority can’t even throw down, that’s why they do drive-by’s, instead of getting up close and personal. Flashing gang signs and acting tough is what they do best. LA is the cleanest looking gang capitol, i tell you. Its a hollywood made gang capitol.. it serves a purpose for those up there in power.. those in power created it, and they profit off of it. Every section of the city/county has some gang in it, but what type? How hard? How many real kers in them? Most are dope heads and weekend partyers, thiefs and burglars, wanna-be’s and rankers. There’s plenty of those, so most of the news about how hardcore they are, is mostly hyped up drama for the those who buy into the manipulating scheme of things, if you get my drift!

      • wussup

        Actually LA is a very violent city there is one murder and seven shootings in Compton on average in a day and there are more than 12 stabbings and 58 violent crimes in Compton alone in a day so you have a point that it is not as ruthless as south African or Brazilian gangs but equally as violent

        • MrMythos

          What you just said is completely false. That would mean Compton has about 365 murders a year. If you know anything, you know Compton is just a small part of Los Angeles and Los Angeles doesn’t even have 365 murders a year, more like 300! So stop talking bullish and learn your facts.

  12. Shut up

    Your an idiot u think LA is all flashing and fronting and no poverty?? U obviously aint been around LA much cause i have been to plenty of spots where i almost got robbed , ked, shot, or stabbed, or got my car or something else stolen, i aint gonna sit here and name specific parts of LA but its a thin line between holly wood and the real hoods

  13. Real ish

    The Critic is a fin idiot. LA and Chi are the gang capitols of the US.

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  15. LD

    All you ish talkers, talking B/S. A bunch of haters. Cali as a whole is no different than Illinois as a whole. Of course 3rd world countries will be worse, they barely have a Government, let alone Law Enforcement. On top of that its all corrupted with everone trying to survive period. Also you need to understand why Brothas flash on fools in Caliu more than others is cuz, its another way of saying “What chick, I’M BALLIN SO F U AND YOUR LAWS. That power is what keeps all (white) the Hoes coming for that Cali Swag. Cali guys also got a pblank to go anywhere and do what they want without to many problems. Few others got it like that. So U keep thinking its all Hollywood and watch dudes in your town start claiming Cali B’s and C’s dumb guy. See real Game, Gangs, Slanggin, Firearms, Pimpin, Extortion, Hits, whatever. Asians, Blacks, Hispainics, Samoans, and Whiteboys are gettin they hands dirty. Biggest Prison population in the Nation for awhile also. Come out talkin ish, You dudes remember that East West Rap ish. dudes live in Cali fool.

  16. Alex Maxwell

    el salvador didn’t have a gang problem until the los angeles gang members started being deported back there.

  17. I was reading something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your position on it is diametrically contradicted to what I read earlier. I am still contemplating over the opposite points of view, but I’m tipped heavily toward yours. And no matter, that’s what is so great about modernized democracy and the marketplace of thoughts on-line.


    la gang capital of the world ! why ? becuz we influence the world. we gangs famous ask anybody in the world when they think of gangs whats the first city that pops in your head …….. gangs were born in LA real gans period no mas chick !!!!!!!!

  19. californian

    ok in los angeles mexican gang members aka SURENOS can not do drive bys or k innocent people if they do they them selfs will be ked by there own gang or any other sureno gang member even if it was an accident they will still be ked so the gangs in la are very careful when they go k some one atleast mexican gangs which are more then half the gang members in LA that being said chicago doesnt have those rules so of course chicago is going to have more murders if chicago had the same rules as la gang members do there wouldnt be so many murders best believe that and the those rules were put on by the MM…in chicago they do drive bys from cars and shoot houses so of course chicago is going to have more murders in LA and california SURENO gang members have to walk up on there rival to k them if they shoot from a car and get caught or if there gang finds out they could be ked…chicago gangs dont really have rules on the streets in LA and california gang members have street rules that they have to follow like california law inforcement said MEXICAN MAFIA SURENOS HAVE SOME WHAT GOOD MORALS twoard innocent people and children and women

  20. MrMythos

    Every city got their bullish going on. dudes out in every city willing to live for their colors ’cause they think it’s honorable and they get respect. What you get is death or a life sentence. Let’s heal the hood, not break it.

  21. Jz

    LA gang capital of the nation

  22. Antonio

    Ur honestly a dumbblank how is this in any way correct in 92 we los Angeles and new York experienced way more violence then Chicago and all through the 80,s and most of the 90,s and the early 2000,s dumbblank chick and when they say gang capital they mean gang members or gangs in amount not violence dumbblank white chick WHY R U SO fING DUMB PLZ PEOPLE DONT BELIEVE THIS

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