Bankruptcy judge urges settlement in Bryan Stow-Dodgers lawsuit

Bill Shaikin (Los Angeles Times) | March 8, 2012

A bankruptcy judge is urging attorneys for Bryan Stow and the L.A. Dodgers to settle their legal dispute over a beating in the stadium parking lot that left the San Francisco Giants fan critically injured.

Stow’s attorneys filed a civil suit against the Dodgers in Los Angeles Superior Court and a subsequent claim against the team in Bankruptcy Court. They have said Stow will need lifelong medical care and cited $50 million as a “conservative total estimate” of his damages stemming from the beating last year on the Dodgers’ opening day. A bankruptcy lawyer will advise you on the chapter form that best suits your situation. He will also be able to tell you about possible tax implications and losses of assets that you will face. Will you take your house and car in the bankruptcy, for example, or will you be able to keep them? A bankruptcy attorney may be able to help protect you from being removed from certain properties, such as your house. Here is the best business debt lawyer in East TN, do visit. The idea of hiring a bankruptcy attorney has all the allure of having teeth pulled. But don’t let this prevent you from beginning your investigation for a good lawyer as soon as you know you’re going to need one. Waiting until the last moment won’t give a good attorney enough time to adequately prepare your case.Ask yourself which business acquaintances you know, who might in turn know a good bankruptcy lawyer. If you have a personal attorney, that’s a good place to start. Understand, however, that bankruptcy law is a specialty. If your lawyer offers to handle the case as part of your usual retainer, be certain he knows his way around bankruptcy court.

With the civil case on hold, the Dodgers last month asked the Bankruptcy Court to throw out Stow’s claim and find that the team could not be held liable because stadium security was at record levels and the attack could not have been reasonably foreseen.

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